Standing By For Titanfall - 3 Reasons To Be Excited For Titanfall

Three awesome reasons to be excited for Titanfall.

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2pacalypsenow2658d ago

So you should be exited its not on Ps4?

DeathOfTheFanBoy2658d ago

There is only one reason to be excited and that's - IT'S FUN!.

CEOSteveBallmer2657d ago

yup 3 reasons:

1. $60 for an online only multiplayer game
2. last gen graphics with ancient "source engine" from 2004
3. COD on mechs with parkour

- yep very very excited for this!!

Kivespussi2657d ago

What a bad article. Adblock enabled for that site

8BitBrit2656d ago

Sorry you feel that way! Can't win them all!

kiz26942657d ago

I was excited, very excited. I managed to preload it last night, and have been playing for about a good 4 hours. Played on hand-full of maps and leveled up quite a bit. I just cant help but think the "value for money" is a bit off on this game, especially if you were to purchase it on Xbone. Yes there a quite a few maps, but little game-modes to play with, and weapons a very minimal only a handfull added since the beta. The variations on Titans don't seem to be very defined. The game is incredibly fun, especially if your on a roll. But i feel like I'm already burnt out from the game obviously just my opinion.