PlayStation 4: Four Months In

John and Erik from The Gamers Lounge write "At The Gamers Lounge both John and Erik both bought PS4. They both take time to set down and give a mini review of the system and the state of the PS4 four months after launch."

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans2655d ago

Sony really need to announce more Triple A games for PS4. We haven't heard nothing new since E3 2013. Other than that I love my Sony

Mr Pumblechook2655d ago

One of the things I hated about the early part of last generation was Sony not keeping us in the loop about when the next firmware update would come. Then out of the blue Eric Lempel would produce a video with some shoddy feature that people didn't want.

The PS4 has launched now and is due an update that includes the missing media play features, game pause/resume, better upload options and more. Microsoft tell tell us at least two months ahead before the next system update, Sony should tell us when the update is coming instead of leaving us wondering.

bennissimo2655d ago

This is exactly why I haven't yet gotten a PS4.

I have limited time to game. I like big AAA experiences.

So far, the X1 has delivered, and the PS4 hasn't.

I am really looking forward to The Order. If it's released on schedule, I'll get a PS4 later this year, perhaps in a bundle.

But the Driveclub delay means the only other AAA exclusive Sony has on deck between now and 2015 is shaping up to be inFAMOUS. And I didn't like the first two inFAMOUS games, so... yeah.

SoapShoes2654d ago

X1 has delivered? Yeah right... It hasn't delivered any more than PS4 has. The only other AAA exclusive between now and 2015 is inFAMOUS? Stop making stuff up, lots of Xbox fanboys agreeing with your incorrect statement it seems.

bennissimo2654d ago

The Order is the only AAA exclusive other than inFAMOUS set to release in 2014.

I'd love for Sony to give me a reason to buy a PS4 before The Order, but I refuse to pay $400 for a bunch of indies that have limited replay value and sub-AAA games.

TrueJerseyDevil2655d ago

Four months in:

Traded in my PS4 for a Xbox One last week lol. Best decision I have ever made

Pillsbury12655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Quick question: did you have a traumatic brain injury between those 4 months? Just wondering.

nix2655d ago

his mom prolly dropped him on his head while breastfeeding,

TrueJerseyDevil2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

@ Above and Below

I have no interest in any PS4 exclusive other than Uncharted. All other PS4 exclusives aren't coming until 2015, so why wait? I have a lot of friends that bought both and all of them have not touched there PS4's for a bout a month because there are no interesting games. Also I wanted Titanfall.


No games? That is laughable. You keep playing your "more powerful" console with no games until 2015.

@ Palitera

Why is it hard to believe? I like the games more. Halo and Gears are my favorite games of all time. I also like the direction that Microsoft is taking the Xbox One in the games department, they are doing a great job, not saying Sony isn't but I have always been a Xbox guy.

The more powerful console is not the best in everybody's eyes. The Ps4 will stay the way it is with no features, apps, and boring UI for it's entire life cycle and no improve and let's also mention PSN goes down for maintenance all the time, I know you can play online but parties do not work

Palitera2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Half of what you said barely makes sense. The rest is just objectively wrong.

Also, you're a soon to be 1-bubble guy. I won't lose my time. I don't argue with people like you.

Bait fail. ;]

CEOSteveBallmer2655d ago

Hahahahahaha LOL, and you think we will actually believe that? :-), best joke ever. yep best decision you ever made, "In making a mistake" less powerful console? check!, more expensive console? check! less games? check! congrats bro!! you earn it! High five!!

IRapeLolis2655d ago

You traded in a PS4 for a console that is more expensive and weaker in every possible area? "Lol" indeed....

Palitera2655d ago

I have both and XBox One's library is so smaller than the PS4's!

Why would someone prefer the XBox One is beyond me. For now, it basically only has Dead Rising 3 that's worth something.

No1up2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I did too. I was sick of not only waiting but knowing that I'll have to be waiting more.. Lol titanfall!

And if you don't believe me.. http://brownsville.en.craig...

I'm starting to see a lot more ps4 trades on craiglist. Guess people got sick of waiting.

SniperControl2654d ago

I guess 6.2+ million people are getting sick of the PS4 right.

The reason there are more PS4's for sale on second hand sites is because nobody can get one for love or money, people are reselling it for a profit.

The reason why there are hardly any X1's on second hand sites is because i can walk into my local Game store, Tesco, Asda and still get a day one edtion.

Pillsbury12654d ago

@sniper he's generalizing a few cases of individuals preferences to 6+million people who want a ps4.

crusf2654d ago

Deep inside your subconsciousness you feel buyers remorse. Victims of buyers remorse tend to reassure themselves and reduce anxiety from possibly wasting money by telling others how there purchase is justified and "good". We understand don't worry. The community is here to help you... or not.

No1up2654d ago

Dude.. The ps4 is only 400 lol I can buy it again, when the library is beefed up, or when H-hour drops.

Death2654d ago

What are you playing on your PS4? I only ask because I haven't found anything worth picking one up for yet. Possibly Infamous when it comes out later this month. So far I am very happy with my decision to buy an Xbox One first.

BlackTar1872654d ago

Is the only game you're playing on xbone TitanFall that isn't out yet?

Besides that xbox has 1 more exclusive game then ps4 released. And has less total games overall.

You make no sense.

SniperControl2654d ago

I am the opposite to you my friend, i currently see nothing off interest in X1's library that will tempt me to get a X1 yet, Titanfall has no interest to me(i would have got it on PC anyway)
However, loving my PS4 experience so far, looking forward to Second Son in a couple of weeks, Driveclub looks like it might be on the horizon as well.

Oh not to forget, Destiny PS4 beta starts soon as well.

MrChicagoWind2654d ago

Uhh... Black Flag, NBA2K14, Resogun, Contrast & Tomb Raider.

Next week will be MGSGZ and inFamous SS.

BlackTar1872654d ago

I should clarify...

1 Retail Exclusive game.

Death2654d ago

I played Titanfall during the beta a week or so ago. Can't wait to play the full game tomorrow. I've also been playing Forza, Dead Rising and a very little bit of Ghosts.

Resogun is the only exclusive on your game list. I'm not sure it was enough to justify a PS4 purchase for many people. I just downloaded Tomb Raider for free from Plus on my PS3. Infamous should be very good when it releases though.

SoapShoes2654d ago

@Death... Titanfall isn't an X1 exclusive and all the games aside from Dead Rising got trashed. Forza for being a downgrade from 4, Ryse for just being a bad game. Not to say they are not enjoyable, if I had an X1 I'm sure I would enjoy them just like I enjoy Killzone.

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chobit_A5HL3Y2654d ago

sure you did, devil. sure you did. x]

SoapShoes2654d ago

Haha, that actually was amusing. No one buys a system where they have no interest in its exclusives aside from one over the one they are interested in.

Magicite2654d ago

LOL! HAHA! Laughed hard, really!

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Pillsbury12655d ago

It's only gonna get better from here.

miyamoto2655d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Funny how they say PS4 has less games, no must haves, its lacking in features, less exclusives, a little bit powerful, yet it continies to sell itself to millions of eagerly awaiting gamers faster than any gaming platform/device in history.

And no one can explain why.

This is what you call.'greatness'!
Even Sony itself can not contain its greatness.
Ps4 is the console phenomenon of greatness.

joab7772655d ago

For me, DCUO is an amazing experience. Also, I just played the FF14 beta, outlast and resogun are free, and AC4, B4, and Killzone are amazing.

The games on the ps4 are gorgeous. Add in remote play and psn+ and at $100 less, theres no competition. And yeah, Infamous is coming soon.

Palitera2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

PS4 has SO MANY MORE games right now that it's not even funny for you.

No1up2654d ago

It's selling well because it's a good system, no one should be debating that, however at this time Xbox has more to offer. I love the TV features and ryse dr3 and now titanfall are all top notch games.. I will continue to enjoy my trading decision until I buy a ps4 (with a beefy library)

parentsbasement2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Im about 2 weeks into mine.....everything great (as expected , just like PS1, 2 and 3) ....well, that damn light is a major pain (light up the whole dang room late at nite in the dark ) "put a piece of tape over it" I know , but I shouldn't have too....still use the Xbox one a lot more , but that's because we (me and the boy) do more two player down there....happy with both , no use trying to convince me otherwise...

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