THC CELL3486d ago

Wow how late, hope we see a home service on ps4 with vr features

PoSTedUP3486d ago

ive been thinking about that since forever! i would want to see home on the psvita as well, cross-play with ps3 or ps4 users. i liked home, a lot. like everyone says: it coulda been so much more.

Abash3486d ago

PlayStation Home is something Sony should wait for to launch on PS4 in the second half of the PS4's life, when the install base is massive. Right now the Home team should take their time on envisioning what a PS4 PS Home should be like and be in no rush to release it till everything is perfect

Mr_cheese3486d ago

I remember the original announcement and I couldn't wait for it back then. I do wonder what they have install for the ps4 though....

PoSTedUP3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

@abash- definately agree. i think they should use it just for F2P games like the free FPS and MMO's; they have to go through PShome to play them, walk through some advertising billboards and trailers displayed on screens for upcomming games or released games they want people to see/buy etc. (there are going to be a lot of ppl playing the FTP games) party up in home to jump into PlanetSide2 ect. it would be the most benificial way to market stuff, i mean, theyre already being generous enough to let you play free games, why not them take advntage of it? surly people wouldnt mind if theyre getting to play free games, and when theyre not playing they can chill/ talk in home if they want. plus its a good way for ps3 and ps4 users to talk with vitas owners (word of mouth) and amoungst eachother about games and hardware.

kreate3486d ago

I just want central to come back.

nitrogav3479d ago

Still can`t believe PSHome didn`t come built into the Vita . It would have been amazing on that specially when games were a bit sparse on it . Even if Sony had put Home bundled in on a 4GB in the box . Massive fail from Sony .

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Thantalas3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I remember when Home was first announced by Phil Harrison and the reveal video showed trophy cabinets where you could see all your earned trophies in 3D and show them off to anyone who could be bothered to visit you're home. At the time it all seemed so exciting!

But that was a long, long time ago. Since then I've uninstalled Home never thinking I'd venture back there again, never believing I'd have to watch loads of avatars run about importantly like they've got some place to be. This announcement might just be that you can earn trophies in all those mini-games, but i hope it is the whole trophy cabinet idea. If it is I might have to brush up on my body-popping dance moves...

XANDEO3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Not being on home for ages so may jump back In and be a tourist for the day *ping*

Harkins17213486d ago

They should focus all man power on PS4 now (well the guys from Home) Just so MP3's and external HDD can come faster to PS4!

Yui_Suzumiya3486d ago

I loved Home. Used it since the beta in November 2008.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3486d ago

Not gonna lie. I forgot this existed. Also...why do they even bother? It was a bad idea to begin with.

MysticStrummer3486d ago

They made a lot of money with it. I'm not into Wii Sports but I can't deny that Nintendo cleaned up with it. From what I read, Sony made back Home's dev cost about a month after the beta opened up.

xc7x3486d ago

actually the idea was genious but execution was poor.