Why Titanfall’s exclusivity deal won’t help anyone involved very much

In the eve of Titanfall's launch I am going to talk about the game's exclusivity deal and will tell you why I think it won’t help any of the participating parts very much.

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polow got sol2655d ago

Author seems upset he may have chosen the wrong console. A lot of buyers remorse happening today it seems

bosoxs5052655d ago

Infamous is not my type of game.

Cupid_Viper_32655d ago

@ Polow

Why would he have buyers remorse when the system he purchased is now worth almost double the purchase price?

That's like saying someone has buyers remorse because he bought a house that is now "very sought after". That makes no sense buddy.

On Topic.
I think Microsoft's problems may extend beyond just TitanFall if the game fails to have the impact that Microsoft is hoping for. Something similar happened to Nintendo and the Wii, and now the Wii U is paying for it.

See, if TitanFall is nothing but a blip on the radar, then Microsoft will have cemented themselves in a vicious cycle. They have made it so obvious that they have so much riding on Titanfall, that everyone and their moms are now waiting to see how it performs and what that means for Xbox One.

If it fails, and by failing I mean if it doesn`t move a lot of Xbox Ones, then Microsoft`s ability to secure exclusives will be non existent. And they will be faced with the fact that Multiplatform games tend to perform better on the PS4, meaning that almost every multiplatform game almost becomes an exclusive for the PS4, similar to how COD was advertised for the 360 primarily.

That, among other factors such as price is what might predict the Xbox one`s fate this generation.

My opinion of course.

WeAreLegion2655d ago

If you like games, inFamous IS your type of game.

gobluesamg2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

@ Polow
Haha, you have got to be kidding me.

Ricegum2655d ago

Haha, the scary thing is he's not. He thinks everyone who bought a PS4 is an impatient immature kid, who only likes FPS games.

CEOSteveBallmer2655d ago

Haha Nice try, remorse over buying a cheaper and stronger console?? and has more games incoming throughout its life? right...

NeXXXuS2654d ago

Lol. Titanfall isn't even exclusive.

Psychotica2654d ago

Yeah why do they keep saying that?

DoctorXpro2654d ago

Why inFamous exclusivity won’t help anyone involved very much


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TomShoe2655d ago

If you're going to adopt that mindset, you don't deserve those bubbles. Bubbled down for immature.

LoneWolf0192655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Lol never seen so much hate about a game being exclusive before. Just shows how much people are mad its not on Ps4

classic192655d ago

really?, lol its only a exclusive because the x1 needs this game to sell its system, i hope it do well bro because when sony can match demand it might get tough. lol im speakn facts..

LoneWolf0192654d ago

Can you back up these facts? if not get out. Every system needs exclusive you herp derp xD sounds like your just mad too that your stuck with Killzone

slivery2654d ago

Seems like you're just mad in general. You forget the fact that this is also on PC.. Most gamers nowadays own a gaming PC and Titanfall is not that high end in the graphics department to need the best PC either..

So any PS4 fan who really wants to play Titanfall will just play it on PC. Not much to it.

The funny thing is I bet even Respawn right now wishes they went with Sony instead.. I could almost put my life on it they are so regretting being with Microsoft at the moment regardless of what they say. It isn't like they would ever come out and express that anyway even if it was what they thought.

PS4 is selling more everywhere and selling more software on its system compared to the Xbox One by a huge margin. Respawn would no doubt make more money being on Playstation, they aren't stupid and they clearly see what is happening around them.. How could they not regret it.

It is also a known fact that the game would just run better on the PS4 also as much as I hate to even bring that up but it is true.

I am not interested in the game that much anyway as it reminded me too much of CoD after playing the beta on PC. So I could careless what system it is on honestly. I tried it, just wasn't for me, it is better than CoD that is for sure but still feels very similar and for me the mechs just didn't give me enough feeling of actually being in one, I just felt taller and less mobile but still almost felt like I was the same, running around gunning as if I wasn't in one. Besides catching bullets, ejecting or firing missiles, the mechs just didn't feel like mechs to me.

Fun taking them down though I just didn't find it to be anymore fun piloting them compared to running around and jumping willy nilly.

Sure I will get tons of disagrees for that last bit but oh well.. Just how I feel, you can enjoy the game all I want. I am not stopping you.

Ninver2654d ago

metal gear solid 4 ring a bell? oh yeah that's right selective memory much lol.

rayzorn2654d ago

i think this game looks good. but i got no hate for it i can get it on pc.

i wanted mass effect games, gears of war and alans wake on ps consoles way more then i want this.

took awhile but got mass effect on it. then got alans wake on pc. and could of got gears on pc but didnt.

so with my pc and ps4 im a happy camper.

rayzorn2654d ago

i think the ps4 and pc are the best combination i dont miss any games.

with a xbox and pc i would miss all the first party games with sony.

i got no hate for xbox though i had a xbox. and almost got a 360 a ton of times. but i put the money for it in my pc instead to run the same games i coulda got on xbox.

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Gore-Content2655d ago

Well it's gonna help MS, right?

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