Facial Animation Legend Bringing Movie-Quality Effects to Video Games

T1 - David Bennett is hardly a name synonymous with gaming, but cast your eyes over to the movie industry and he is something of a special effects legend. Bennett has pioneered facial animation visuals on mega SFX-blow outs like Avatar, Beowulf, Planet of the Apes, and The Adventures of Tintin – and now he wants to bring his talents to gaming.


After comments understandably disputing claims regarding Bennett's work, additional research has been added to the article for extra context

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Mr_cheese1710d ago

This makes me excited for the direction gaming is heading. By all means I don't think every game needs to look as real as possible because it just wouldn't suit games like Limbo, as it is no their art direction, but for games such as battlefield, killzone etc...

I've really want a WW2 game to be made for next gen and i'd love to see technology like this implemented into it.

AaronPS1710d ago

I agree, this type of animation enhancement would be perfect for a new ww2 game. I'm getting bored of modern/future shooters. Hopefully this gen will bring back WW2 games with stunning visuals. However there has already been a massive advancement in facial animation as seen in Ryse and Infamous Second Son.

WeAreLegion1710d ago

Very nice. Does this mean more Andy Serkis?!? His direction and acting with Ninja Theory games was incredible!