Gone Home Coming to Consoles, Next Game Isn't Gone Home 2

"Gone Home, IGN’s Best PC Game of 2013, is coming to consoles in 2014.

“We designed Gone Home from the beginning to be a couch experience,” Steve Gaynor, cofounder of developer The Fullbright Company and writer of Gone Home, told IGN. “There are Trophies and there [are] Achievements, but there’s also new features with the new consoles. The PS4 is all about sharing, for instance.”

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Neonridr2658d ago

Stupid Idea. Game was great for what it was on PC, but as a console title it is stupid. Game required far too much manipulation and precise clicking via the mouse that you can't begin to accomplish using analog sticks.

Oh well, I guess the bonus is more people will be able to play this indie title.

mixelon2658d ago

Umm.. it's an unlosable game with almost zero accuracy required. I played through it on PC with a 360 pad anyway. It has support built in, and it really makes no difference to gameplay.

It'll work fine on consoles.

I don't think it'll review well in console circles though, definitely not among N4G users. Haha.

Neonridr2658d ago

It was a point and click game. Regardless if it's a first person perspective or not. Not exactly super easy to look around with the analog stick and then click on something to examine.

Obviously the game isn't about winning/losing, so there is no quick decision making or split second timing, but it will still be like driving with an elephant on your back.

kiz26942658d ago

I see what you mean, the game only takes about 2 hours and it would be hard to market on console as well as getting the right price point. Games like these should stay on PC.

mixelon2658d ago

"but it will still be like driving with an elephant on your back."

No it really isn't, I played through it with the 360 pad with absolutely no issues. My mouse needed charging and i didn't give it a second thought. it made literally no difference at all.

The PC version has perfectly decent controller support, why's it going to suddenly get worse on consoles?

Neonridr2657d ago

I will take your word for it.

goldwyncq2658d ago

How could a 2 hour game with barely any interaction at all be GOTY? By now it's probably more overrated than Dear Esther.

Spikeantestor2658d ago

My gut told me to click "disagree" as I enjoyed Dear Esther. But that wouldn't have been very helpful. so instead I'll simply say that, while polarizing, I don't think it was overrated.

goldwyncq2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I can tolerate a game with minimal interaction but it has to have a damn good story. This game's story had potential but is ruined by focusing on you know what. It would have been 10x more interesting if the story focused on the character's uncle.

Spikeantestor2658d ago

I didn't see a reply icon to your message so I'm responding to my own. This may be normal, I'm new to the site.

Anyway, when talking about things like graphics or even game play it seems easier to get people to agree on things. Artistic choices like story are, well, a lot harder. So I can't say you're wrong, only that I did happen to appreciate the story it told and how it told it.

Gore-Content2658d ago

Should have been released at the same time with the pc version. I already watched the whole playthrough of it on utube.

Neonridr2658d ago

yeah, once you've seen the whole playthrough, it kind of takes the urge out of wanting to play it yourself. Maybe if it's a free title on PS+...

Soldierone2658d ago

Please don't be PS Plus game of the month......Please don't be PS Plus game of the month.....Please don't be PS Plus game of the month.....

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