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Titanfall has nine months of hype behind it, but it's got a stale genre's worth of expectations to live up to.

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mrpsychoticstalker1711d ago

Keep them coming!....

The internet is overheating with these high numbers, congratulations Respawn!
What a nice way to take revenge on the COD years ago Mr Zampella.

ma1asiah1711d ago

I agree TF is on a wave of success and if it wasn't for the Globe and Mail giving it a 70/100 then its metacritic score would have been much higher but ohh well can't please everybody.

Still man 15 places have given it a 90/100 or higher 9 in the 80/100 and then like I said there is Globe and Mail from Toronto.

So overall it appears to be a critical success and I am sure that most of gamers who have been eagerly awaiting TF's launch will help to propel it to an overall success for Respawn, EA and Microsoft.

darren_poolies1711d ago's review is the best I've read.

Kingthrash3601711d ago

tbh should be more 8 than 9's...and more than 1 7.
this games is awsome. but ita also a nexr gen game and should be rated as such. its fun factor is through the roof! it really is...but falls short in all other catagories when compared to other next gen fps.
and with fram rate problems res infiriority bad ai and limited game modes in a mp only game is is a sin. no map voting..just sin after sin that other fps would never get away with.

AngelicIceDiamond1711d ago

Lol Polygon.

Very nice score either way.

Kingthrash3601711d ago

polygon...they are so non BUYest. i'm surprised they gave it a 9 frankly

Mr Pumblechook1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Arthur Gies' review words and score do not match.

His review is ecstatic with the joy and wonder of the game and its perfection but yet it has a 9/10! He has a grubby reputation as a shill, and there are all those questions about Polygon's secret sponsorship. As all the evidence is getting louder it seems editorial have decreased his score to prevent the mounting pressure about the website being a shill unit.

EDIT: Check the website. There are at least FIVE Titanfall articles that celebrate the game that have been posted in the last few hours!

DonMingos1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

ohoh. I guess some site won't see their paycheck this month

Magicite1711d ago

no 10/10 from Polygon? Guess not enough $ from MS side.

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Ducky1711d ago

Doesn't seem like you did, otherwise, how else could you have made that comment?

Kran1711d ago

JUST thinking the same thing :P

curtis921711d ago

You know you can comment on articles without reading them. people do it all the time here.

SIRHC131711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Implying you know exactly what context I was using 'stopped' in? I could have stopped eating a sandwich at Polygon.

CorndogBurglar1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )


Right. I figured when you said "stopped", you meant that you "stopped" running in place to read the article. Am I right?

Geez, people around here assume to much.

s8anicslayer1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

I'm surprised a 10 wasn't given, but that would've been too obvious. .right Captain? Lol

curtis921711d ago

bareboned mp game - 9.0.

TLoU - 7.5

Seems legit.

-Foxtrot1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Lol...that's what I was thinking

That Last of Us review was horrible, not because of the low score but like everything he wrote, for example the weapon sway even though it was upgradable, contradicted him self.

I love how on Metacritic Polygons reviews is up there STRAIGHT away, in front of other sites....I mean thats uncommon for a newer review site.

SoapShoes1711d ago

Their Killzone review was bad too. A 5/10? Hahaha That would mean it's unplayably bad.

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OrangePowerz1711d ago

I expected Polygon to give a 50/10.

MightyNoX1711d ago

Polygon complained that the framerate of COD: Ghosts on PS4 ran 'too high' and knocked down its score. So if Titanfall's fps is lower than anticipated, would they lower the score...or up it?

1707d ago
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