Guys at Gamespot try out the Wii

First impressions of the Wii at Gamespot.

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ChickeyCantor4447d ago

a 4 hour movie and watched it alllllll

Marriot VP4447d ago

well you can see the power brick, looks about 2/3 the size of the 360's.

Marriot VP4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

i know this may sound stupid, but considering wii's boast on size and mobility I think the psu should of been inside of it.

than you could just pick up the console, wires, and controller easily throw them in a car and drive off. Like the good old days when hardware wasn't as delicate.

kmis874447d ago

Yeah, they could have even made the base thing the power supply. That would have been pretty sweet.

DJ4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

Cool vid. The Mii creation process was pretty cute too. The Wii still looks cool, I just didn't expect a power brick. I agree with Kmis. The stand should've been the power supply; that would've been sweet.

As for Paul, I remember back when I could just throw my PS1 and barely notice it was there. It was hella immune to damage too. Transporting my PS2 on the other hand was a bit of a nuisance until most of my friend got one, and don't even get me started on my friend's Xbox. Only had it for a month and I hated lugging that thing around, haha.

I kinda miss the old days though.

Marriot VP4447d ago

yah the PS2's controllers plastic always seemed cheap and flimsy so I thought that would break from the slightest drop, I was right with one of my controllers. Although I never took it anywhere, the xbox I did because my high school friends would throw 16 person Halo 2 lan parties.

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rexdriver4446d ago

I have to wonder, is the Wii control not easy to use or are Gamespot staff just not very good at playing games?

And although the games appear to be fun, Gamespot don't appear to be very engaged playing them.