Microsoft To Run A Titanfall Launch On Twitch Tonight

"Whether or not you’re going to be part of the festivities of the multitude of midnight launches sweeping the nation for Titanfall tonight, you might want to tune in to Twitch at 11PM EST/8PM PST tonight when Microsoft will be officially launching the game live from Austin, Texas." - Angie, SpawnFirst

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mhunterjr2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

That's makes is all the more annoying that I can't get my digital download until 3am EST... I'll be skipping the festivities... I'll play it after work tmrw...

GearSkiN2654d ago

Anybody having a problem trying to activate twitch on xb1 when asked to enter a code online

mhunterjr2654d ago

It failed for me the first time. I logged out of the twitch site, then logged back in. Worked the second time.

GearSkiN2654d ago

yea it just gives me a msg "You must have a Twitch account to connect your Xbox account. Please log out of your Justin account and create a Twitch account."

so i cant even enter a code

mrpsychoticstalker2654d ago

Standing By...

Goes to store...

...... beer...

,,,sits on couch...