Titanfall to Revive Microsoft’s Xbox One Sales

Microsoft Corporation’s (MSFT) Xbox One, which is in fierce competition with the Sony Corporation (ADR) (SNE) PlayStation 4, will likely benefit greatly from the upcoming game title Titanfall

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lifeisgamesok2651d ago

Along with the other heavy hitters this year

Quantum Break, Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2

2pacalypsenow2650d ago

I dont think Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 are heavy hitters..Forza barely sells and sunset overdrive hasn't even released anything other than that trailer.

Death2650d ago

What does Forza typically sell, 4-5 million? I don't know why they even bother...

Muerte24942650d ago

Now take this with a grain of salt but we don't really any hardcore numbers to go by. According to VGChartz (Yeah I know, grain of salt remember), Knack (970k) outsold Ryse (820k). Also Forza 5 ( @Death's heavyhitter) only sold 1.09M. Forza averages around 3 million and that isn't bad at all.

For those expecting TitanFall to suddenly move Xbox Ones vastly are in for a rude awakening. Microsoft has been touting this game since their E3 2013. Most people who wanted TitanFall for Xbox One have already purchased it for the most part. I have a hard time swallowing the $60 MP only game (Warhawk was $40 2006) unless you're in the UK. Paying for LIVE on top of the $500 Xbox One. That's still a hard sell, even if it is for Titanfall.

2pacalypsenow2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

And also by my nearest Gamestop there was only about 9 people who got it at midnight there was also like 7 for dark souls 2.

Now compare COD BO2 midnight release there was over 100 so idk...

sonarus2650d ago

@muert I agree with you on the rude awakening. While I am ok with the 60 price of the game. Hardcore xbox fans have already been sold on Titan fall and already preordered accordingly. Not to say it won't move units but majority of the units have been moved . It is left to current xbox owners to convince their friends that titanfall is worth and xbox purchase so they can play together.
Common sense stands to reason that if infamous can secure more preorders than titanfall who in my opinion was more hyped then infamous will move just as many ps4's for sony as Titan fall so I really don't see where this narrowing of the gap is coming from

kazuma9992650d ago

If halo comes out this year it wont be in 1080p so why bother? I rather wait for halo to get to the 1080p and 60fps or waste of money.

ALLWRONG2650d ago

"What does Forza typically sell, 4-5 million"

Seriously? Most devs would love 4-5 million on any platform.

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cyclonus0072650d ago

I'm pretty sure Halo 5 is gonna be 2015.

christocolus2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )


dont forget that Project spark, d4 and kinect sports: rivals will do their own bits too.

And to the naysayers above..(death and 2pac)

"What does forza typically sell?"

You guys dont give up do you? should look it up on google and get yourself better informed before trying to downplay that game.

OsirisBlack2650d ago

In the Beta for Project Spark and it is incredibly fun. I like it more than titanfall but that is just my opinion. I have always liked stage editors and creative games.

Wizard_King2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Paid for reviews go along way to get sales from the misinformed kiddies out there.

But seriously why would we buy an XB1 for a game that suffers from so many issues and that your mums internet PC from 2005 can run better than the XB1?

No_Limit2650d ago

Dude, you have issue trolling on every single XB1/Titanfall articles. smh.

2650d ago
RonRico2650d ago

Could the "Awesom o 4000" run it?

wsoutlaw872650d ago

ya and he could make it in to a great movie too

badboy7762650d ago

titanfall bundle is at #8 on amazon. PS4 is sold out and is at #2.

hulk_bash19872650d ago

And? The game just released, lets give it till next week and see what the numbers look like.

hulk_bash19872650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Give it a rest man, It's a good game that is getting the scores it deserves. Anyways inFamous SS is coming out in less than 2 weeks. And that game looks like all kinds of awesome as well. March is truly a great month for games, no matter what system you're playing on.

Jazz41082650d ago

Maybe so you will have games to play.

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ArbitorChief2650d ago

Paid for reviews... OFC, that's the only way Titanfall could of received great praise.

ipach2650d ago

sigh... went for it and preloaded successfully before launch... only to see a connecting screen the entire time. love that 40 gig matchmaking window.

R1CAN6172650d ago

Can't lie im picking up the Titan Fall Bundle first thing tomorrow =]

s1xt6en2650d ago

Lol my question is why do you have 7 disagrees like you said something wrong? All you said is you're gonna buy a console and people disagreed with you. Wth. This site is out of control. Lol

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