Oh Hey, Diablo 3 Is Good Now | What’s New And Different?

TechRaptor - Most of us know the sad story of Diablo 3. It was an immensely hyped game leading up to it’s release, and everything shown for it implied it would be worth the wait, that long wait that preceded every major Blizzard release. A few warning signs tipped us off that not everything was shiny, like the always-on DRM, and systems like the Auction House interfered (to me, at least) with some defining series and genre staples.

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CorndogBurglar2651d ago

Oh hey, Diablo 3 has been good since the console version came out.

Wow, thats a sentence I never thought I would speak or type in my lifetime.

Thatlalala2651d ago

Agreed, I had way more fun with my feet up running ubers on my big screen.

3-4-52651d ago

These improvements will be in the PS4 version right ?

CorndogBurglar2651d ago

Yeah, the auction house was never in the console versions and it was taken out of the PC version months ago.

They also improved the loot system for consoles.

Basically, what I understand is that the PS4 version will be the same as the existing console versions, just much prettier looking. Also, it will include the Expansion on disc.

Budobear2651d ago

Just give me the PS4 version already.
I know I keep saying this but I'm hoping if I say it enough it'll happen sooner rather than later.

bradfh2651d ago

only if they made it like this two years ago.

blackmanone2651d ago

Its good now? So you are saying they retooled the entire skill trees, stopped holding my hand, and got rid of the auction house and somehow reverted back to its D2 days?

CorndogBurglar2651d ago

Retooled the entire skill trees? No. Stopped holding hands? Yes. Got rid of the auction house? Yes. Reverted to its D2 days? No.

It just made Diablo 3 much better.

Baka-akaB2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Obviously it's still diablo 3 at core , if you dont like the gameplay nothing will change . But at least the source of grief for people that like the gameplay are mostly gone . With the exception of the Always online DRM , wich can't even justify its existence anymore , bare some posturing on Blizzard , trying to look "tough"

cyclindk2651d ago

Most boring, pointless game I've ever played in my life.

Tetris is more engaging by far.

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