Gamers are complaining about Watch Dogs for no reason

Remember when the Mass Effect trilogy did not conclude to the satisfaction of gamers and BioWare had to redo the ending? It’s just one of the many occasions where gamers lost their minds for absolutely no reason. The latest event to have this take place is with the new trailer for Watch Dogs, whereby gamers are at the top of their game when it comes to bitching.

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mcarsehat2658d ago

Yes they are. Going by the comments, every game after e3 has looked identical to the demo shown at the event.

cleft52658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I don't agree that gamers are complaining for no reason. Back in 2013 the game was shown off on the PS4 and the footage clearly looked better. Just look at the Watch Dogs comparison video, there is no room to say that the visuals haven't been downgraded.

With that said, if this is the compromised they needed to make to deliver us a fun game than while that is a bittersweet pill I will deal with it. However, to act like people have no reason to be disappointed at these change of events is a bit silly. Hopefully, the PC version lives up to what they originally showed.

White-Knight2658d ago

I wish that the game did not get downgraded on the PS4 nor PC.

mcarsehat2658d ago

They need to show realistic expectations for future games, that's all. people won't notice anything if it becomes standard to show what it WILL look like.

rdgneoz32658d ago

"I wish that the game did not get downgraded on the PS4 nor PC."

Well, they were both shown running the game leading up to the original launch. Only One version wasn't shown with it's own game play (cough One system using another's with the controller layout almost blanked out cough). Hopefully they weren't downgraded for "parity" reasons.

curtis922658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I thought people were excited about this game because it looks fun, turns out they only cared about the graphics at E3 2012.

@rdgneoz3 the delay was to fix MANY things, things that worked against the game. I have no Idea about the graphics but this hoopla is all over a trailer in which we don't even know what systems being shown. It could be Wii U graphics for all we know. But as a community we just always assume the worst and completely turn our backs on things on a dime. I would genuinely hate to be a developer these days with how brutal the internet gaming community is.

rdgneoz32658d ago

The initial reveal made the game look next gen, as well as the ones leading up to the previous nov release. It was alive and beautiful. This recent stuff made it look like crap in comparison, and the world looked dead. So, a delay for how long to downgrade it severely?

whitefang19882658d ago

To me at e3 it looked like a boring GTA but with fantastic graphics, I think a lot of people were focusing on the graphics because nothing gameplay wise looked better than games that are already out.

Sharky2312658d ago

Wonder if the division will suffer the same fate?

ape0072658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

if we have the same gameplay mechanics then the E3 12 gfx will push the gameplay/immersion/feel to a whole new level, it's nextgen it's mindblowing

watch dogs gameplay with E3 12 gfx = mind blowing nextgen, next level

watch dogs with current gfx = just a fun game

simply put gfx push boundaries of gameplay(especially in action games) if the team was talented

rdgneoz32658d ago

"if we have the same gameplay mechanics"

Check the video comparison with the car explosions. The E3 version shows cars nearby getting bounced around and hoods flying open (from a good distance away). The new one if you look close, the red car on the very right doesn't move till it explodes... And it's right next to the others.

candy_mafia2658d ago

'Gamers are complaining about Watch Dogs for no reason'..

Hey why don't you purchase a copy of the game for me, then I'll take the article seriously?

curtis922658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

maybe you all should play the game first before declaring it DOA

WeAreLegion2658d ago

Graphics aren't everything, but this is a drastic downgrade. There are PS3 and 360 games that look better than this.

KnightRobby2658d ago

They aren't complaining about nothing. Thankfully, I have seen enough E3's to know that Watch Dogs was just a concept when it was revealed. And so is Tom Clancy's: The Division, as are most games.

From what I have seen recently about the game, I am still extremely excited to play the 8 player coop free roam with friends. Plus, the atmosphere, characters, and story looks right up my alley.

Transitioning from current-gen to next-gen will take time. Batman: Arkham Knight, The Division, and The Witcher 3 will show us next-gen's potential.

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