GameSpot’s Plan to Quietly Kill Their Reputation

GameSpot is not quality gaming journalism. It’s the depressing reality in which we live in and one that has caused us to think up of ways to improve the site’s quality. But I believe GameSpot has reconciled itself to its financials and refuses to change.

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BoneBone2655d ago

Funny, but at the same time sad.

I only hope this one of the cases Nintendo press legal action on. That would be the cherry on top and be a warning to others who think it's OK to unfairly slander a business and reputation in the name of click-bait.

" It’s going to attract a large amount of people that could not care less about quality and focused solely on console wars."

Thanks for writing this, there needs to be much more stuff like this written and syndicated.

cleft52655d ago

There is nothing quiet about how Gamespot has killed their reputation. Has killed, not plans to kill. I used to be a hardcore Gamespot person. What Gamespot said about games was law to me. Then they loudly killed their reputation after the Gerstmann debacle.

I remember when they where talking to the community about the whole thing via their site. They where so draconian about the whole thing and where banning people for the smallest infractions because they didn't like the questions they where being asked. The whole thing made me cancel my paid subscription to them and just be done with a site that I had loved for well over 5 years. Far as I am concerned, Gamespot and Polygon are just jokes.

SolidDuck2655d ago

Well they did have that man, woman, merman, German Shepard thing doing there reviews. That was at least good for a laugh or two.

3-4-52655d ago

* I want Who,What,Where,When,Why,How & The Truth, The Whole Truth, & Nothing but the Truth.

That is all WE THE PEOPLE ever really want from our journalists, no matter what topic they cover.

It starts at the top. Those at the top need to be held accountable.

SilentNegotiator2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Said the ill-veiled author.

Really? Nintendo should SUE because Gamespot said that they think Nintendo has other plans? By god, man, your butthurt is practically visible through the monitor. You don't have to like or think that what they said was well-informed, but this isn't "slander" and you know it.

And you do realize that you're giving them MORE clicks, right?

Megaton2655d ago

Those are my favorite. The bloggers who put on their worst fake mustache and glasses to pretend they're not the author of the slop they just submitted as they pat themselves on the back in 3rd person. Doesn't get much more pathetic.

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ArbitorChief2655d ago

Gamespot, gives Zelda Link Between World GOTY
Nintendo Fans: WE LOVE YOU GAMESPOT!!!!!!!

Gamespot offers opinion on Nintendo's future of the Wii U


Vegamyster2655d ago

That opinion on the Wii-U's future was flawed when they had the title as "Nintendo's Plan to Quietly Kill the Wii U"

Then they put: "No one knows what to make of Nintendo's proposed QOL initiative, partly because we know almost nothing about it."

They've been doing these things for clicks.

PeaSFor2655d ago

to be honest, this blog from simply sound like a salty reaction to gamespot "article", nothing more nothing less.

Palitera2655d ago

Agreed with both Vegamyster and PeaSFor.

Still, nobody mentioned their absurd recent review scores, pure flame bait.

I completely abandoned them as they have given up on their credibility.

Geobros2655d ago

BTW....A link between worlds worth the title GOTY

DanManDantheMan2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

What a massive generalization you just made. Do you realize that there are millions of fans for each company?

InTheLab2655d ago

Well done on calling out the hypocrites...

Whole site should lose a bubble for trolling. That's what this "opinion" piece is. Anything said that's negative against a clearly struggling WiiU is linkbait.

That article may have had an unfortunate title but the author was right about not knowing what Nintendo plans to do. No one really knows what Nintendo has planned for the WiiU including Nintendo. Perhaps they do plan on riding it for 4 more years till they can release the next mediocre console built to the needs of their developers instead of all developers.

They've all but lost 3rd party for that reason alone and after a year of selling less than 3m units worldwide, they deserve these types of articles.

As for the fanboys wanting to sue Gamespot for slander and bringing up how the site lost it's credibility, that's just the nature of fanboys. Try your best to discredit someone when they say something you don't like about your favorite platform. These people would rather bury their heads in the sand and read about how "great" Nintendo is doing and how much money they have in the bank as if they'll blow all that money on failed console after failed console. They'd rather read about how many glorious 1080p/60fps games they have instead of why Batman AK won't be on the WiiU. They rather continue to move that goal post like that ridiculous article that said a 3D Mario was not a system seller like the 2D Marios only after 3D World failed to make an now Kart 8 is going to move millions of units as well as Dynasty Warriors Zelda.

SpiralTear2655d ago

Dude, that's harsh on an unnecessary level. You're saying that Nintendo can't learn from their mistakes, that their arrogance from the Wii's success is only going to get worse and that they're simply going to release, as you put it, "the next mediocre console built to the needs of their developers instead of all developers."

That's merely calling Nintendo out and saying they can't evolve, saying they're a hopeless cause and that their success with the Wii was hollow and ultimately worthless. After the miraculous comebacks that happened during the last gen, I simply cannot believe that. There's no point in denying Nintendo's struggles, but there's a limit to logic that has been clearly been passed here.

Do we know what Nintendo will do? Of course not, but that attitude of "they deserve it" isn't going to solve anything. We've seen companies mess up from blatant arrogance and then admit their mistakes and get their act together; it's happened many times before in this industry. I don't see why getting back in the game is so out of the question for Nintendo.

wonderfulmonkeyman2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I don't think anyone in their right mind had Mario 3D World in mind when they thought of a "3D Mario game", though.
We were thinking somewhere along the lines of a successor to Galaxy's style of gameplay.

And as for third parties?
Nintendo lost third parties for different reasons, but none of them included lack of knowledge of the Wii U's future.

What lost them third party support, ultimately, was giving third parties more complicated SKU's in the beginning, and not communicating the differences in architecture to them appropriately, and they also did not do ANY sort of quality control efforts on the titles coming to the system.[AKA, making sure the devs made sure the games came with all the same content as rival versions]
Thanks to that, third parties tried to treat development on it the same way that they treated developing their games for the PS360, and they ended up making a bunch of very sloppily-made ports.
Now, every company has a few bad games, so that in itself wouldn't be enough.
But the nail in the third parties coffins, was the fact that these ports, were of games from LAST GEN, that lacked features and even entire game modes, were not properly optimized, didn't have DLC, were released around the same time as better releases on rival consoles, and on top of ALL of that, the ports were released at full price.

Full price, for inferiorly-made ports.
Because the developers couldn't take the time needed to get used to the architecture, and make new games instead of old bad ports of games we've already played before, the wallets of Wii U owners[what few of them there were at the time] did not open like third parties wanted them to.

Thus, third parties started to abandon the system, at least as far as most ports goes, because that's what most third parties look at first when deciding to make games for a console; whether or not they can easily spread out ports to all of them for maximum profit.

Nintendo's at fault for bad advertisement efforts that didn't properly express the Wii U, thus making the sales plummet because they misread the market overseas badly, and for not having more heavy-hitting first-party titles ready and waiting for release.

But as far as third parties go, in terms of ports?

They've only got themselves to blame for alienating themselves from the wallets of Wii U owners.

I don't know a single person that would have wanted just ME3 on the Wii U, at full price, over seeing the full collection of the series, properly optimized and with full content support, hit the system instead.

Nintendo's third party future now lies in collaborative games like Hyrule Warriors, and in exclusives.
Ports are a dead-end road for the Wii U, for the most part[aside from Ubisoft] and I say good riddance, because bad ports did more harm to the Wii U's reputation than all the bad advertisement on earth.

MNGamer-N2655d ago

But what about the horrid review for the new Donkey Kong? Was that warranted? I just don;t understand gamespot, I don't think they know what they are doing.

for we are many2655d ago

Your hate for Nintendo knows no end! Lol !!!

You justify Plain Old LYING to bash Nintendo and their fans.

Iwata said clearly that QoL is a new business expansion outside of and separate from their Video game hardware/software core business. Not that I should hate whatever QoL might end up being, in fact I am interested to know what new products the company might bring out in that branch but whatever that will be is NOT going to replace Wii U or Nintendo's core videogame hardware/software business.

Oh and by the way ALBW deserved to be GOTY independently from the website that gave it, but this article is flat out LYING and disregards what the CEO of Nintendo made clear more than once before.

BosSSyndrome2655d ago

Um yeah? I can congratulate gamespot for doing something good, and criticize them for something stupid. Why in the world should they only be good or bad.

RAFFwaff2655d ago

what does a game review for a game on a successful handheld machine have to do with making baseless assumptions on a companys business plan??? Idiot.

linkenski2655d ago

What can I say... this is the Internet.

3-4-52655d ago

ALBW isn't GOTY material though.

They were off in both ways.

They've been wrong on things outside of Nintendo as well.

Whoever is in charge over at Gamespot, has zero value for integrity.

wonderfulmonkeyman2655d ago

So it's fine for Gamespot to flip-flop between loving and hating, but when fans do it, suddenly that's what makes you sigh?
Come on, man. Why villainize one side and not the other?
Flip-flopping is happening on both sides here; the difference is that Gamespot's critiques and praises of ALBW were pretty fair, whereas their critiques of the Wii U are done for click bait and nothing else.

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Ezz20132655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

that's impossible because they already killed their Reputation long time ago

Geobros2655d ago

LOL!!! I enjoyed reading to be honest...

OhMyGandhi2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I enjoy reading as well.

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