MLG Call of Duty US Championship Results and Recap

MP1st - This weekend’s MLG Call of Duty US Championship has come to a close as the top eight US teams moving on to the Global Championship have been decided.

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king_george2651d ago

Man i wish they would include more PS franchises in these things. Killzone and Uncharted tournaments would be sick. I saw these two clans playing against each other in killzone shadow fall on youtube the other day and i have to say: the level of teamwork and strategy is just amazing

Slade232651d ago

yea, see that's the problem about MLG. I want to see other shooters than just call of duty. So yea it'll be great to see Killzone, Uncharted and many other shooters in MLG. Heck even Titanfall.

king_george2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

It should be more diverse :/ theres so many other games that deserve their own tournament. Uncharted is probably my most wished for just because i know im really good and would love to participate in a tournament.

I hope now that the PS4 is pretty much dominating the console scene we can see some playstation franchises make it to MLG