Chinese Government On Duty: Banning Video Game Commercials

Apparently the Chinese Government - known for disliking video games in general, now wants to ban video game commercials on Kid's TV. According to Kotaku it has been posted on the State Council's legal affairs website last week that the new proposed revisions for advertising are directed towards video games and children.

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Bdxxacjkfs2663d ago

Christian morality. So "communist"

JsonHenry2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Gub'ment at its finest! And it has more to do with the fact video games typically help promote the underdog and downtrodden as revolutionists cable of taking down an enemy much larger than themselves.

No communist government wants people to know that they still hold the power in their collective hands and if they really wanted to take it back they could.

AgentSmithPS42663d ago

The govt wants the kids working, not playing video games ;).

TheDevKit2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Christianity has many, many different forms and interpretations. "The Communist Manifesto" describes Communism as an establishment which lacks government.

3-4-52663d ago

China = We ban video games, but we allow Yellow Sky Pollution

sungam3d2663d ago

Who the hell watches TV anymore?

gamer78042663d ago

how about just keeping kid appropriate commercials on kids channels... so some game trailers appropriate, some tv commercials, some movie trailers... etc.