Adobe's Flash Player 10 Has More 3D And GPU Acceleration

Flash Player 10 weighs in as a 1.7 to 5.5 MB download and is available for Windows, Macs and Linux. You can also install it as an ActiveX control within your browser. Brave beta testers are advised to uninstall all of their current Flash Players before trying out FP10.

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Zhuk5000d ago

Silverlight is better still

bootsielon5000d ago

You teach those Anti-Microsoft "droids" a valuable lesson!

lil Titan5000d ago

for PS3 users to update their PS3's with java, flash, etc. im sick of seeing i dont have and updated something to view various things, but i know ill soon come with an new or better browser i hope

shine13964999d ago

yep ps3 needs the flash alright...

Mcrmarcher5000d ago

lol you got to admit, zhuk is a clasic =)