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Abriael2653d ago

Interesting. Zero spoilers. Only powers named are smoke and neon.

admiralvic2653d ago

Yup. They've put so much effort into keeping the power a secret that I am starting to get pretty excited.

GrizzliS19872653d ago

if i can flood a block with water and see people drown, i will pretty much jump out the window cus id be dead of excitement

hazeblaze2653d ago

Although all those trophies seem plausible... I find it suspicious that the only trophies related to powers are the two that they've shown, when the developers have already revealed that there will be more.

admiralvic2653d ago

Are you HONESTLY doubting Exophase?

They pull the data straight from the Sony / Microsoft servers, like similar sites and thats how the information gets leaked and why it's always complete.

I mean, countless games have appeared on there and everyone has always been 100% accurate. The only reason why it's "suspicious", is because Sucker Punch didn't include them to prevent them from being leaked. It was a tactical move and as I mentioned in my other post, makes me even more interested in them.

Sevir2653d ago

did you look over the "HAT Trick" trophy?

"Defeat an enemy using 3 different power sources"

looks like they are being cryptic for sake of not spoiling! I'm excited... and blast shards are back! :) seems blast shards traveled all over the north western hemisphere when the Ray Sphere detonated in Coles hand. New Marias and empire city had them.

Please let there be a blast shard sensor I still cant find the last 2 blast shards in the first infamous!

emad-E-three2653d ago

All I know is its a new shiny Platinum on my Trophy list next to Knack, Resogun, and soon Killzone SF (last 3 story trophies) with the rest 45 platinums :D

March 21 can't come sooner!!

Conzul2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

I got Knack and Resogun plat, but Shadofall is impossible. That gliding segment is impossible to do without dying.

inFamous is always a fun plat. THAT'S how you do trophies.

-Foxtrot2653d ago traces of Cole, Zeke, more powers

...Sucker Punch are good I'll give them that.

GusHasGas2653d ago

Alright, doesn't seem as hard to platinum as expected... It'll definitely take 2 playthroughs, although I had already planned on playing through the game twice, so it's all good.

fallacious2653d ago

Its probably going to take 3 unless you plan on going through one of those playthroughs on expert difficulty.

GusHasGas2653d ago

Yep, that's what I planned on doing:

First playthrough on easiest difficulty, with evil karma
Second playthrough on expert difficulty with good karma

SeanScythe2653d ago

I'd play Evil on hardest that way you don't have to worry about people getting killed. Play good on easy that way you don't have battles that cause civilian deaths.

jay22653d ago

Good to see no spoilers, SP aren't a company we can say they haven't got any more powers, they have just keeping it shhhhhhhhh. Keep it up.

MoB212653d ago

I think there will be 5 powers (maybe 6), being that there are 5 karma trophies, so i figure you get that those trophies after major story events, and after each major story event you get a new power.

6 powers if you include the final trophy for being Pure Good or Pure Evil

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The story is too old to be commented.