Watch Dogs Multiplayer Dubbed “Online Contracts”, 5 New Modes Revealed

In addition to the 8-player free roam mode that was announced yesterday, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs will feature an additional 5 modes that lets players play competitively with one another.

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Plagasx3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Don't care. Until Ubisoft stops this BS advertising I don't give a crap about the modes.

I want the truth. Why are we getting a drastically different looking game than what was shown to us several months ago??

Geekman3247d ago

I give up. It doesn't matter, bro, the game is still gonna be fun regardless, and you should care less about graphics.

yezz3247d ago

The problem is the false advertising... Showing something that isn't going to represent the final product by any means is very annoying.

Geekman3247d ago Show
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )


word dude I'm with you


I'm sure every company does it at one point thats business.. they want to sell you their vision.
in this case it didn't come out as great as some expected but it still looks good
I'm sure they worked there ass off to make it happen plus I'm still gonna wait for the next trailer to see how it really is they know better for next time and plus they also made PS3/360 versions give them a break

anyone see the PS4 watchdogs commercial during the Walking Dead tonight?

KnightRobby3247d ago

I absolutely cannot wait for this game. I know the graphics have apparently been downgraded, but the facts are we are in a transitional phase from last-gen to the new current-gen (Xbox One and PC). The Division, The Witcher 3, and Batman: Arkham Knight will showcase the power of next-gen.

In the meantime, I will be hacking all of your asses online :) And then of course, bouncing between Dark Souls 2, Titanfall, and Watch Dogs. Good times indeed!

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CrossingEden3247d ago

"I don't care about the interesting new gameplay modes that've never been done before in gaming, graphics are more important, meanwhile, i'll praise a company that once told me that
-toy story graphics were the standard of ps2
-ps3 can handle 1080/120fps which would be the standard for ps3 exclusives
-a CG trailer of a fps game that was actual gameplay
-4D graphics
-game that isn't native 1080p/60fps is advertised as such
But yea, screw this company for releasing a product that doesn't look as good visually during the day in the ghetto parts of the map compared to during the night in the heart of the city while it's raining which makes the game look much better than a compressed youtube video."
-Graphics whores everywhere

Game looks fine graphically and if that's all you care about then you shouldn't be calling yourself a gamer. Tired of ps4 fans pretending like it's a high end pc or that the ps4 version of triple A games will be completely the same as the pc version.

Sevir3247d ago

You're all over the place.... but nice cherry picking of Sony quotes and misquotes.

None the less I dont get the backlash and i dont see the downgrade... i guess because I knew the 2012 was on a PC that showed of a game for next gen consoles who no one knew the full details about for 8-11 months at the time of E3 2012...

so getting upset when Next gen Console were confirmed to not be running in as high as a GTX 690 is pointless.

KwietStorm_BLM3247d ago

Lol why did you conveniently try to troll Sony and NOTHING BUT Sony amidst a completely non-related topic?

Palitera3247d ago

No, Sevir. It wasn't running with those graphics on PC. It never had those graphics and never will. It was heavily edited and enhanced after the gameplay capture to fool people like you.

Palitera3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Even back on the reveal, it was known that that gameplay trailer was heavily edited to add post processing effects. The game would NEVER run with that graphics because the technology to achieve it simply never existed in the game.

That's why it wasn't performed live and this is why it didn't run for 'best e3 gameplay' or reveal, I don't remember.

So give up. The game will never look that good. Marketing ALWAYS lie, specially in gaming (every game company lies about its graphics and performance).

As for me, I care about it being fun, controls, performance, the mechanics. These 'bad graphics' are more than enough for me.

Eonjay3247d ago

Can't wait to see more.

s1xt6en3247d ago

Seems interesting. Can't wait to try it out.

SixtyNine3246d ago

I wonder if this game will be fun to play... not really a fan of GTA so I don't know if i'd like this. cool concept tho'