Kingdom Hearts 3 Wii is Fake

Some member of the GT forum proofs KH3 for the Wii is fake.
The cover was just a photoshop. Created by an art taken from Devianart.

Actual Page:

Now for the Cover:

The art was made by a fan on in 2007:

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Mr_Kuwabara4633d ago


I really hope they make the sequel on a "graphically appreciated" console just because I want to see the advancement of the series on a new "graphically appreciated" console.

If they truly make it for the Wii instead of this "graphically appreciated" console then I would really appreciate if they make it for the PS2 also since, the Kingdom Hearts fanbase are (obviously) already PS2 owners, I'll find it moronic for Square to not bring it for the PS2 rather than just the Wii. (Again this is IF they bring it towards the Wii)

smoothdude4633d ago

Since the first two Kingdom Hearts were made on the weakest system last generation why would there be a need for it to be on the best graphical system this gen?

Alexander Roy4633d ago

Because people want things to improve.

znu4633d ago

excuse me but did you just call the ps2 the weakest system....

the ps2 DOMINATED in every sense of the word last gen.

KH was one of my favorite ps2 series. If KH3 does come for wii, then there has to be a ps2 version because the graphics are on par

But... i want KH3 to come to PS3 and stick with their loyal fanbase.

angrymouse4633d ago

he mean the graphics not as an "overall"

angrymouse4633d ago

He mean the graphics not an "overall"

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TrevorPhillips4633d ago

all these rumors are really annoying me seriously its been coming and going around all the time don't u guys get sick of tired of it seriously

Kareshi_X4633d ago

I Knew it , The Only Kind of Kh Wii Can Get Is a Spinoff kind of like Chains of memory on GBA(great game)

Now what they could do is Port KH1 and KH2 on The Wii with Wii-mote action for the kids u know the ones who really play wii cause nobody really does around My Turf. Were all about ps3/360 woot woot

BrotherNick4633d ago (Edited 4633d ago )

I honestly wouldn't mind seeing it on all consoles, I hope people play these types of games for story and gameplay. That's what made the other games great. Unfortunately people here are shallow and want to keep fun experiences from others, and talk like their consoles define who they are.

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The story is too old to be commented.