Nintendo Wii U is my console of choice, like it or not

MG "I wish it was still easy to be a videogamer. I’m so tired of all the fighting and bickering happening whenever a new console sees the light of day, a new game hits the shelf, or a large gaming company goofs-up something."

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PSNintyGamer2664d ago

Why can't all gamers be like this? Preference of a console is fine, but don't bash other people for choosing different.

darthv722664d ago

its too much fun for those with the mob mentality to just let it go. Sure we could all just turn away from the internet and let everyone go their own way but they (mob mentality) just dont want to do that.

As for the wii-u or ps4 or xb1...they are all great systems and really compliment each other. If a gamer want to buy any or all of be it. If a gamer wants to support be it as well. Lets just be a bit more respectable about it. We play games because they are fun no matter the platform.

for we are many2664d ago

One of the wisest comments ever written on this website. Glad to see that not all gamers have deficient mentation.

WeAreLegion2664d ago

I enjoy my Wii U. I'll refrain from any other thoughts.

lonelyplayer2664d ago

Wiiu is going to be my 2nd console

Reeze2664d ago

I'll have to say the same thing. I'm surprised, but the Wii U is actually the most fun console I've ever owned.

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The story is too old to be commented.