Dark Souls II Copies Sold Early, Retailers Are Getting Sloppy

Twinfinite writes:

Another day, another retailer selling copies of video games before their release dates.

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Lord_Sloth2664d ago

This is nothing unusual. Games sell early all the time. Not in my area though. =(

vallencer2664d ago

Same here my friend :(. It never surprises me to see its Walmart either.

CrossingEden2664d ago

Took the words out of my post.

PFFT2664d ago

My local 3D Games store used to sell games early BUT a certain specific game store put a stop to that. Now i have to wait like everyone else :(

GentlemenRUs2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

A month early correct? Jeez...

EDIT: Disagree all you want, But when rolling bans come into place for playing a game a month early then don't come crying to me :P

Master-H2664d ago

The US version comes out on the 11th, genius.

Ilovetheps52664d ago

2 days ≠ 1 month

That's where the disagrees are coming from probably.

xfear2diex2664d ago

i saw the xbox pal ver of the game two days ago so that almost a week

Reverent2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

From Software doesn't ban people for playing their games early. When Dark Souls 1 launched, people who played it before it's release, From Software actually had overpowered black phantoms invade their worlds to mercilessly kill them.

Dirtnapstor2664d ago

Oh yeah, I remember that! Good strategy in general for all developers yo think about. Fill a MP game with killer bots or whatever will suit the game.

KingMe422664d ago

Theres also a few people who ordered from amazon and got their copies a few days early. Not a huge deal to me.

PurpHerbison2664d ago

Now that would be nice! Only reason I didn't order online was cause I want to make sure I have it day 1.


Big deal, I've been watch this game being streamed on twitch for a week now. I'm waiting for the PC version anyway so no biggie