Borderlands 2 Vita out May 27th according to Amazon UK

According to Amazon UK, Borderlands 2 on the Vita may be coming May 27th. The date itself isn’t actually shown that well and its quite hidden from the rest of the page, but at the bottom of the page of the PS Vita and Borderlands Bundle, it says ‘Release Date: May 27th 2014′.

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Wni02661d ago

I want some gameplay footage. I wish the vita had more games like these. Perfect for handhelds imo.

Cobberwebb2661d ago

I have to say the opposite. Shooters, for me, don't belong on the Vita. Tearaway, Persona (JRPGs), platformers (LBP), and casual games are better suited. I tried that Uncharted game and hated it. The sticks are just too short. But again, this is mostly down to personal preference.

Wni02661d ago

No thats not what I mean. I mean games where you can play for 30-60 minutes at a time and finish quests, and it has loads of replay value. I agree that Tearaway is fantastic, but BLands and games like Monster Hunter are the best.

CrimsonAzure2661d ago

Have you played Killzone Mercenary? The controls on that game are tight. Shooters have a place on the Vita.

Goro2661d ago

Same day as Watch Dogs, that should be a good day.

ABizzel12661d ago

Watch Dogs is an iffy buy for me now. If they've downgraded graphics that much, what else have they done.

So far Watch Dogs is a rental for me and Borderlands VIta is Day 1, especially since the PS3 version was on PS+ free and it has cross save.

RondoMachete2661d ago

Being a proud Vita owner I'm getting this day one to go along with my Killzone and Batman vita games and along with Uncharted from PS+ I'm set for many months to come.

RondoMachete2661d ago

I've heard April now May ply someone give us the right date...