What Bioshock, GTA and The Last of Us say about the future of videogame violence

Kill Screen Daily: Effectively or not, BioShock: Infinite and The Last of Us want to say something smart about violence. Grand Theft Auto V does not. In fact, it seeks to glorify it. Committing a certain number of felonies will attract the police, but they're so easy to outrun that the world of GTA more or less represents one where you can do whatever you want without any consequences.

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Omar912659d ago

It just tells us that then violence in games are gonna get worse…. and I can't wait!

joab7772659d ago

It says that we dont have to fear political correctness destroying everything in society b/c certain ppl decide that a minority cannot behave, so everyone is punished.

Honestly, that is what PC is. Its the parents punishing all their children b/c one is out of control or sick. And yeah, theres always the one child that sides with the parents while no one is looking. (And while they arent, they buy and play all these games).

erathaol2659d ago

The way the article ends reminds me of Resident Evil notes from the Scientist, half expect and update later with only the words "Violence... Nudity..."

Wni02659d ago

Infinite doesnt say jack about violence, it IS violence.

PersonMan2659d ago

The beauty of GTA is that you can roam around in a world where you can do almost anything you want. That's why we play video games... to do things we normally wouldn't do otherwise.

You don't even have to be violent in GTA V... you can drive around and admire the beauty of the world, go mountain climbing... ride a bike... take a jet-ski out for a ride. There are so many things to do and see in GTA that has nothing to do with violence.

But then when you wanna blow off some steam and mow some people down (not real people mind you, but pixels on a screen) then you can do that too.

Life is what you make it and so is GTA. You can make it as violent or as calm as you like.

PhantomT14122659d ago

Well, if you want to do the missions, non-violent options are still very limited (I'm not complaining about it though, a CRIME open world game would be dumb without it).

But that's why I'm interested in Watch Dogs, it's an open world game but you're more a vigilante than a criminal (so you don't have to be overly violent) and you have those many hacking mechanics. I can't wait to play the game by outsmarting enemies with hacking and draw my gun as little as possible.

2659d ago
Summons752659d ago

The Last of US handles it very tastefully, needing only to do it when you can't do anything else. Characters even express distaste in having to resort to killing all through the game.

Bioshock Infinite has you a wanted man, if you don't defend yourself you will be killed but we find out that you are against having to do that having retired from the army and went to a born again church thing.

GTA doesn't say anything about fact it rewards you for killing and hurting people, stealing, and doing any and everything illegal.

So it seems like the gaming industry is trying to say that violence ISN'T okay and actions have consequences and there are some bad apples ruining that.

grifter0242659d ago

Shut up. I hate people who say that type of drivel. GTA rewards me for killing really!Where do i get rewarded when i accidently hit a pedestrian with a car? nothing comes up saying "Good Job!"

Summons752659d ago

Lol hiding behind those. What about the money and weapons you get from killing randomly? Are those not a reward. And you want an achivment, go tie a girl up and eave her on the tracks in RdR or or play Cod and get awarded for killing 500/weapon.

Just because there is no ding ding to tell you you've got a trophie doesn't mean it doesn't reward you.

grifter0242657d ago

Or go play "Flow," An eat little amoebas and get's rewarding you with killing microscopic things! Watch out he's going to turn into a psychopath! Just shut up.

Your little "Examples," Are flawed as well. I mean if you want to act like video games are real life then every person you kill in Bioshock Infinite has a family at home and you just killed their father/husband or mother/wife..and you are actually saying that it's FINE?!

When you look at it this way your little spiel falls flat just like this entire article.

Hell I was playing L.A Noir last night and got called to a side mission and tried to shoot the perp in the leg but the game forced me to shoot him dead....but the big mindf#$k is that I'm a cop..I mean they are glorifying killing! I mean did you see Phelps (If you've played the game) stand there all smug like while they put the dead body in the ambulance?

JustPlay42658d ago

But in Bioshock Infinite you can kill anyone but children when you have gun, so thats kinda like GTA but your not rewarded for it but you can still do it so I don't know if says much unless you go by the story if that makes sense