Square Enix Forgets That PS Vita Exists

Square Enix recently began asking Kingdom Hearts fans to fill out this survey about the series (and potential Kingdom Hearts III marketing mostly). It asks the usual questions you’d expect from a marketing survey — some demographic qualifiers, what websites you read, how likely you are to buy certain games, and so on — but one particular page stood out when I took this survey.

On the list of which consoles you own, the PlayStation Vita is not an option.

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Snookies122657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

*ahem* Dissidia on Vita. Do it. They sure as heck know phones exist, as it seems like that's the platform they favor now. Much to the detriment of gaming... -_-

I swear, they went from my favorite company ever to one of my least favorite this generation. There are very few people I even care for in their ranks now, Nomura is the main one. As he's the only one I can trust to make a good game these days. Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF XV are the only things I'm looking forward to by SE. Both of which are being overseen by him.

sephiroth4202657d ago

dissidia for ps4, xbone and pc!

Blaze9292657d ago

Sony, forgets that the PS Vita Exists.

levian2657d ago

Completely agree. Look at the support they gave the PSP. I don't even know the system well and off the top of my head I remember a Kingdom Hearts game, Crisis Core, and Dissidia.

Now, nothing. Before, all the games they made were at the very least good. Now 90% of them are OK at best.

The FF13 trilogy was terrible. I know some people liked it, but it's obvious it is unliked by many.

Hitman Absolution was OK, but it wasn't Hitman.

Tomb Raider was fun until they turned it into a full on shooter rather than an adventure/stealth experience.

Thief was pretty fun at first but gets worse, and is obviously not as good as it had the potential of being.

I am REALLY looking forward to XV and KH3, but my god SE, the steaming piles you've been leaving needs to stop!

MaxwellBuddha2657d ago

To be fair, Square Enix didn't develop Tomb Raider, Thief, or Hitman: Absolution; they just published them.

HammadTheBeast2657d ago

It's so stupid what they're doing.

They're trying to sell $15 ports of Final Fantasy games on mobile, but not making a new one for platforms which will get sales.

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Team_Litt2657d ago

What's a PS Vita? /Lol no I kid

mcarsehat2657d ago


DualWielding2657d ago

actually lack of Square-Enix Support is one of Vita's main problem, Square was huge on the PSP, Birth By Sleep, Crisis Core, The 3rd B-day and several more..... on the Vita. I think X/X-2 are the first game they are bringing and is no exclusive

SamPao2657d ago

Well they brought army of darkness, but I had not the slightest interest in that game.

Capt-FuzzyPants2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Yeah Square Enix made the best games for the PSP. Even the remakes like Tactics were amazing for the PSP. They should make a team dedicated to making new games and bringing old ones to the Vita. I think if sales pick up in Japan they will support it more.

Yui_Suzumiya2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Type 0 :(

SamPao2657d ago

Yeah I would like to play that on Vita..

Capt-FuzzyPants2657d ago

I would like to play it period. And be able to understand it of course.

cluckey072657d ago

Type O is being developed for Vita finally.

Shineon2657d ago

The Vita just isn't childish enough. Let's be honest That's why its not selling and on top of that kids mistake it for a 3DS All the time.

DualWielding2657d ago

that comment doesn't make any sense

Shineon2657d ago

It might not make sense but its true and if you don't believe me Ask your little nephews and cousins about the vita, better yet let them play yours And call it a DS

thehitman2657d ago

He is trying to say most people who play handheld games are kids and there arent enough kid games on the Vita that would make a parent buy one. Nor do they know what a vita probably is because all they hear about at their age is probably Nintendo and Pokemon/Mario. I would bet the average age for a 3DS owner is between 8-16. Ofc there are much older people who play the 3DS but its probably a fraction of the real sales. The vita targets an audience that is competing with consoles, which unless Sony got a deal to make pokemon games lol the vita will always be backseat to Nintendo. I think the vita does well though on its own and it has more games then people make it seem.

nope1112657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I think he's saying the Vita is A REAL MANLY GAMING MACHINE FOR MANLY MANS (and women), while the 3DS is a LITTLE CHILDRENS TOY FOR LITTLE KIDS.

/obviously joking :)

DualWielding2657d ago

Im pretty sure 3ds average gamer age is not as young as you think the people who care a out pokemon or mario are the people who grew with it kids nowdays dont play handhelds only cell phones

cluckey072657d ago

How can you mistake a Vita for a 3ds? I have never heard someone mistake them.
PSP was childish then? Because that system sold 80 million. The Vita is basically just a far better version of the PSP.

vergilxx32656d ago

It's far mor powerful but not far more better

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