James Daly’s Favorite Games of All-Time

When Gabe first told me to do a list of my favourite games, I agonised for hours over which games to pick. I went through all the games I have but it just seemed too daunting a task. I the procrastinated for about a week, only to return to the job in hand and find myself no closer to a starting point. Speaking honestly, my favourite things change. There are a few constants, but they’re susceptible to chaining position in my sub-conscious top ten lists. For instance, The Goonies is my favourite film, but sometimes I’m too smitten with a newer release, or an old movie I like that I recently saw again and so The Goonies drops a place or two. Bearing that in mind, I’ve decided to take on this gauntlet set down by Gabe because I’m comfortable with the fact that this list may be outdated in a couple of months time… and because I’m scared Gabe will fire me… or make me review Flappy Bird.

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