Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – Truly A Castlevania Game | Siliconera Review

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow felt like a game with a bit of an identity crisis, like it was missing something to make it truly worthy of the Castlevania name. Lords of Shadow 2 just might be the missing ingredient.

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Eddie201012660d ago

Great review. I agree with everything said in the review.

Morpheuzpr2659d ago

I really enjoyed the game, exept for the "stealth" missions, but the ending was very anti-climatic. Overall I think it's better than the first IMO.

starchild2659d ago

I also think it is better than the first game. I only think the first game had a little bit more interesting environments since it took place in more a classic fantasy setting. CLoS2 still looks fantastic though. The actual graphics are even better.

The combat is also a lot better. The user-controlled camera is likewise a significant improvement. I use to get attacked from enemies off screen, but now I can maneuver the camera to always see what I want to see.

I personally didn't mind the stealth sections as much as some people. They gave the game a little variety and never really bothered me.

Ezz20132659d ago

thanks for that
i know i will enjoy it alot and maybe more than the first one