Dark Souls Has Officially Forever Ruined Me For Other Games

Pixel Critique writes: Dark Souls has been described as one of the most “pure” gaming experiences available. For some time, I took that to mean that it was a return to the roots that gaming was established on, and cut down on the fluff that has cluttered certain aspects of the medium since then. In a way, that’s true. But, in a much more serious way, describing Dark Souls as a pure experience effectively conveys its kindred resemblance to a pure narcotic, and the way that accepting it into your life can send your pleasure center into a downward, narrow spiral.

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SilverTuna2656d ago

I'm going through something similar myself.

It's such a unique game that, if you dig it, there's really nothing else that can fill the void.

Except for Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 2 I suppose...

joab7772656d ago

Yep. Now, I am hoping with everything in me that a Souls successor is being made as a ps4 exclusive. Can u imagine the immersion of a next gen souls game. I may never play anything else again.

Sovereign592656d ago

Dark Souls is already a successor, you want a successor to the successor of Demon's Souls? And why would you want it as a PS4 exclusive? You wouldn't want people playing on other platforms to be able to enjoy the experience should one be crafted?

karl2656d ago

thats why dark souls exists, for other platforms owners to enjoy..

but if u want an extension of the demon souls universe it would only be on ps4..

MysticStrummer2656d ago

"why would you want it as a PS4 exclusive?"

Whether he or I or anyone else wants it only on PS4, Sony owns it and, for me and some others, Demon's Souls was the better game. It's possible that I feel that way because I played Demon's Souls first, so Dark Souls didn't have the same sense of newness that series newcomers felt, but I also liked the dark oppressiveness of the Demon's Souls environments and the basic premise of the story better. Demon's Souls was my favorite game from last gen, and maybe all time. Dark Souls was a close second.

Sovereign592656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Joab777 did not mention Demon's Souls, they said they're hoping for a "Souls successor" which I took to mean a spiritual successor to Dark Souls, which is already a spiritual successor to Demon's Souls.

They said they want a "Souls successor," not a Demon's Souls sequel. Why should a "Souls successor" be a PS4 exclusive?

I won't ramble on any longer. It seems like what's happened here is Joab777 meant to say that they want to see a Demon's Souls sequel, but accidentally caused confusion here with their wording.

EDIT: Also, I'm not the one giving your comments disagrees. I don't know who's feeling the need for that but it's alright.

MysticStrummer2656d ago

@Sovereign - Yeah you're right. I just assumed he was talking about Demon's Souls. For the record I didn't hit agree or disagree with anyone, just threw in my two cents.

Back-to-Back2656d ago

Its funny seeing all the butthurt fanboys getting mad because you said "ps4 exclusive". They must not realize Demons Souls was released for ps3 only.

Listen up xboners this franchise wouldnt have sequels if it wasnt for ps3 owners supporting demons souls. You are not owed anything.

Sovereign592655d ago

@Back-to-Back, apparently you're just not bothering to carefully read the comments. Joab777 did not say anything about a sequel to Demon's Souls, they said they wanted to see a "Souls successor" as a PS4 exclusive.

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KingKelloggTheWH2656d ago

I Adore the Souls series, Ive put thousands of hours into it already and it really is hard to not compare other games to it, it's spectacular and gives you a sense of accomplishment like few other games.

Denton562656d ago

It's incredibly satisfying.

Like you said, the sense of accomplishment that you feel while working your way through it just isn't there for the majority of games on the market.

KingKelloggTheWH2656d ago

I can't wait for DarkSouls2, and Hopefully Demons Souls 2, hopefully dark2 will live upto Demons 1 though.Such a spectacular game.

joab7772656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Do you think they could make an mmo of sorts...not like what we have. Imagine this.

Its a huge world in which thousands of parallel worlds exist together at the same time...I guess similar to what it is now...but bigger and ever continuing. Heres the catch. Imagine duos, 4 mans, raids and even bigger boss fights with the souls ingenuity and c hallenge.

You play in ur own world but there are convergences in which u must come together to tackle challenges that 1 hero cannot overcome. It is the ultimate mmo and single player game combined. And it can be ongoing inthe souls universe.

KingKelloggTheWH2656d ago

That sounds pretty sweet, and pretty much what Dark is, instead I say make it much more MP focused for an MMO, more PvP and more enemies with scarier more dynamic bosses that take tons of people to kill.

DanielGearSolid2656d ago

Literally 90% of ppl that enjoy the series say this (myself included)

Denton562656d ago

See that's the thing. I always heard people say things like that, but I never really respected how true it is.

Sly-Lupin2656d ago

That's because it's hyperbolic nonsense.

HighResHero2656d ago

To me most other games were already ruined when I got into the series. There are a few exceptions but not many games offer such a thrill to me. I've seen more and more popping up lately that look promising. A lot of them are independently funded(sometimes big budget) because big publishers usually shy away from games that aren't generic or casual enough to appeal to everyone.
We could have another golden age of gaming on our hands how that there is an obvious demand for hardcore games.

admiralvic2656d ago

I read articles like this and feel like everyone is speaking a different language than me.

I remember like 3 or 4 years ago when Demon Souls was coming out and it seemed like everyone was enamored with the concept that the game was hard. It got to such a point where every article, forum post or reply in reference to the game was "This game is seriously the hardest game to ever exist. Only true gamers can handle it and trust me you will need some backup underwear and the lights turned on at all times as you cry out for your mother!" Looking back it was quite successful in terms of "viral marketing", since I had to see why this game was so hard.

However, even after getting the platinum, I still fail to see what makes this series so great that it ruins all other gaming experiences. I mean, at its core, the Soul games are not hard, just challenging. Most of the games difficulty stems from simply learning from your mistakes. This isn't unlike a number of other games, though it does relate to a lot of the hypocrisy* you see in the game media.

Anyway, while people praise the games harshness, I've always found the esoteric nature to be tiring and at times tedious. In fact, when I lost my save (locked and PS3 YLODed) I was forced to restart. Even though it had been roughly 2 years since I played the game, I marveled at how easy the game was. Having died to that level so many times in the past, I remembered practically every trick / trap and was able to beat the first stage on my first try. I suppose maybe this is the thing that people really love about the Souls games. The fact that it's challenging and can seem impossible, though it's entirely possible for anyone with enough patience to finish the game.

Hard to say, but I am sure I'll get a bunch of disagrees because I don't like the game and it's amazing.

* Spelunker HD features a lot of the elements Demon / Dark Souls was praised for, but those same elements were typically held against the game and resulted in it getting a 54 on Metacritic ( ) with many reviews in the 2 - 4 range.

Denton562656d ago

I actually don't think it's that difficult (except for a few parts), and completely understand when people say they don't like it.

But, my point is that the things Dark Souls does has to offer, few other games can. The satisfaction the game inspires is due in some part to the challenge to be sure, but its also a result of the incredibly tight mechanics, depth of story, dripping atmosphere and engaging combat.

The difficulty thing does get overplayed, but its not too far off base, and is an effective hook to so many things the game does exceptionally.

admiralvic2656d ago

"The satisfaction the game inspires..."

Maybe that is where I am different. I never felt satisfaction playing the game. If anything, I felt relieved that I didn't have to redo the section, but that goes back to my tedious / tiring remark. I also wouldn't be surprised if that had to do with how I conceptualized the game too. Since I viewed the game as esoteric in nature, I've always known it was doable, but the game design was preventing me. This is different than say Ninja Gaiden, where I very clearly knew it was my own skill level holding me back and nothing else.

nix2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

i think everyone said "the game is hard" because you die a lot.. you die a lot because of your own mistakes... so slowly you learn to handle the situation and move further.

the series (demon/dark souls) scares the shit out of me. everytime i'm venturing into the new area, i'm scared what's going to pop out and kill me... mostly it will be because i panic and fall off the ledge or forget to block, simple things like that.

even though it scares the daylight out of me, i still long to go back and finish the game.. now that's something. the dark souls is perpetually on my head when i'm not playing the game.. same happened with demon's souls... i would be on my way to office and i'll be thinking of which sword to use.

and plus.. it gives a you a huge feel of accomplishment. when i finished demon's souls, i felt like a man. lol.

...and you need to backup your saves or at least join PS+ (cloud saving). i learnt that too... l lost all the data when my fat ps3 died recently.

admiralvic2656d ago

"i think everyone said "the game is hard" because you die a lot.. you die a lot because of your own mistakes... so slowly you learn to handle the situation and move further. "

People call it hard because it's the simplest and easiest way to explain it. Similar to how Plus games are free, instead of "subscription based rentals" or something like that. However, I don't want to get into a conversation about this, since everyone finds different things challenging.

For instance, it was harder for me to beat 2/3rd of Deus EX on hardest full stealth without killing anyone than beat Tactical Challenge 6 in Vanquish. Though I'm sure anyone with some patience could easily beat Deus EX that way and many would find TC 6 significantly harder.

"and plus.. it gives a you a huge feel of accomplishment. when i finished demon's souls, i felt like a man. lol. "

Like I said, I never felt the sense of accomplishment. Thats cool if you do, but I always just felt relief I didn't have to redo that area.

"...and you need to backup your saves or at least join PS+ (cloud saving). i learnt that too... l lost all the data when my fat ps3 died recently."

While I appreciate the advice, you need to keep two very important things in mind. Like I mentioned in my post, Demon Souls is one of very few games with "locked" saves. This means you can't make a copy of it outside of uploading it to the cloud via PlayStation Plus. Now I would have gladly done it at the time, but PlayStation Plus didn't exist yet.

nix2656d ago

didn't realise you were talking about Demon's Souls but anyways... i think people say "hard" because you have to concentrate throughout the game plus, if you die you have to run all the way to pick up the souls.

TheFirstClassic2656d ago

You platinumed a game you didnt like? The heck?

admiralvic2655d ago

"You platinumed a game you didnt like?"

Because of the stigma attached to the game, I felt I had to at the very least beat it. I figured if I said anything negative about the game, people would say "Of course you hate it, you couldn't even beat it noob" or something like that. This is also why I got the platinum, though I was also pretty bored at the time too.

TheFirstClassic2655d ago spent 150 hours or so to platinum the game so that you would have credibility when you criticized it? I mean, I can respect your opinion, but that just seems like a really weird thing to do.

JsonHenry2656d ago

You must be an older gamer like myself. I can go pick out 100s of games from the 2nd-3rd generation of gaming that was way harder than dark souls. But for the newest generation of kids this game probably is one of the hardest games they've ever played. Even though all you have to do is grind in easier areas to get better gear/weapons/upgrades then move forward from there.

However having said - I too feel that once I was done playing this game there was nothing else to fill the void. I want another game like this. Badly. I can only hope we start getting a lot of good clones/copy-cats of the series.

I wouldn't say it ruined all other games for me but I certainly find myself wishing all the time that the game I was playing was "more like Souls", if that makes any sense?

Back-to-Back2656d ago

"I can go pick out 100s of games from the 2nd-3rd generation of gaming that was way harder than dark souls."

Those games are only hard/harder because of technical limitations.

admiralvic2655d ago

@ Back-to-Back

Depends the game. A lot of arcade games were intentionally made unrealistically difficult (see SNK boss) to force gamers to spend more money on the machines. This is extremely common in fighting games and it wasn't uncommon for them not to dial down the difficulty in certain ports. Something similar to this also happened with a lot of earlier games too. Since these games were short (many could be completed in an hour), they artificially created replay value by adding steep difficulty increases that would result in you having to restart.

@ Json Henry

Like I mentioned in my post, you should maybe give Spelunker HD a try if you like platformers.

This video is me playing the extremely difficult final DLC level of the game. You can see how crazy it gets, though I wouldn't say at any point it's impossible (like cloudberry kingdom looks to be). Considering the game is only $10 and the DLC is like $2 dollars a pack, you could get the whole thing for $18 bucks and easily get 40 hours out of it.

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Yui_Suzumiya2656d ago

The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls ruined me because to me, there is nothing better or quite like those two games.

Salooh2656d ago

Actually both gave me hope for gaming to evolve. Before i play them i was tired of games because they were getting old , easier , no wow factor , gameplay without meaning ..etc

Yui_Suzumiya2656d ago

Finally, someone that gets it

CrossingEden2656d ago

Beyond Two Souls is a terrible example of storytelling and game design, not only is it pretentious but it also succeeds at creating a plot that not only is extremely cliche but also extremely contrived and convoluted. David Cage has absolutely no grasp on how humans actually behave and talk and ffs he even thinks that the navajo lived in teepees
I feel bad because David Cage's graphics team is wasting their talents on poorly written nonsense and extremely linear game design that serves to inhibit gameplay rather than enhance it.

Salooh2656d ago

I disagree with the story side. It's mature story and not a lot of developers do that. Gaming need more mature stuff. More complicated stuff to make gaming interesting. However , i agree with you in the gameplay side. They need to go for something better. I'm still supporting them day one.

Kara demo had a great , emotional story.
The Dark Sorcerer demo had an awful one though. But it had huge potential.

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