Big Halo 3 news expected This week

In Bungie's weekly update, Frankie (Bungie's webmaster) gave some more details regarding Halo 3. In particular, he said that the water effects were the best he had ever seen in any video game. Also, Bungie is toying around with the idea of including a female Spartan voice for use in multiplayer. However, the most interesting part of the update claims that this week there will be a rather large announcement regarding Halo 3. This is more than likely Microsoft and Bungie's way of stealing a little bit of PS3 and Wii thunder, which both debut next Friday and Sunday respectively. Will we finally get a concrete release date? Maybe a video or two? Stay tuned to 411mania's game section to keep up to date on all the breaking Halo 3 news.

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power of Green 4451d ago

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HaHa 12 Nov 2006 19:50

TheMART4451d ago

freaking hell will MS do it again?

They're stealing the thunder constantly. I mean watch the E3 where 360 games ended up so high in the awards and took so many.

Already with Gears of War, giving Killzone 2/3 CGI stuff but then ingame...

What will they do? I think it'll be the big bang. MS always has some tricks up their sleeve and I like it. They keep surprising us, while Sony keeps dissapointing us (with the delay from almost a half year for Europe for sure)

HyperBear4450d ago

the announcemnet will be that, " HEY HALO 3 Releases Today, SO GET EM RIGHT NOW ". That would be sweet, their announcment, Halo 3 is launching today, whenever day next week is. That would be sweet, but i think more of a new video, prolly the 1st cinematic youll see in the single player game, most likely the 1st cimenmatic taking place right after where Halo 2 ended. or could be a release date, but highly doubt it.

BIadestarX4450d ago

Maybe a Demo or something.

m234450d ago

I hope it's like a video or something that shows how amazing the game looks, or some info on single player

Marriot VP4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

no system selling game gives a demo because it's bad for sales. And especially this early, you saw the pictures, they were all pre-alpha stripped down versions. Low textures, lighting, and no weather effects.

It's another trailer at best, lets leave it at that

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The story is too old to be commented.