Buy Drakes gun from 'Uncharted'

A replica gas-powered airsoft gun from 'Uncharted: Drakes Fortune'

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Breakfast4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

Thats pretty cool.

...hey...and look, "Velocity: 300-320 FPS"...finally, somethings using the "Power of the Cell"

yesah4226d ago

rofl, that made me laugh.

ion6664226d ago

besides that its suppose to be silver.drakes gun is a walther pp,or ppl.very misleading .I wouldn't by it for the reason someone wants to profit from the game.

Bathyj4226d ago

Its the 2nd, quicker firing pistol you get in the game, not the one you start with.

Aclay4226d ago

Uncharted is the best PS3 exclusive so far.

BulletToothtony4226d ago

and i have played thru it 3 times... and everytime i finish i always say man that game it's great..

BUT.... i have played resistance way more... imo the single player had the best story in an fps that i can remember and i'm not even a sci-fi fan... i played the multiplayer everyday for at least a couple of months and it also felt great..

So bottom line i think it would be extremely hard having to pick one.. but if i had to, i would have to pick rfom not only for the smooth gameplay but for the fun of multiplayer. so i guess that would make for me the best ps3 exclusive so far... but it's a good thing i don't have to pick now isn't it... :0)

Crazyglues4226d ago

nobody said you couldn't pick two, I would agree too, both uncharted and RFOM have been some amazing games, and a true shining point for the PS3..

As far as the gun in that pick that not really the exact one in the game but whatever, it's not like I was going to buy it anyway.

Milky4226d ago

Uncharted is the best game this gen on any console for me.

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Close_Second4226d ago

...I only just started playing this game a week ago and have to say its one of the best looking games on a console I have ever seen. It matches (and sometimes surpasses) the visual prowess of Gears of War (yes, I have played GOW as I also own a 360) and its what Halo 3 should have been. That is, if Halo 3 had looked as good as Uncharted then nobody would have been disappointed with Halo 3's visuals.

The dynamic lighting in Uncharted is sublime and so it the way the jungle environments look alive. Sure there is some screen tearing but I have stopped several times just to take in the in-game view as it looks that good.

My only complaint is that it would be great if it had been another 2-3 hours longer. However, that seems to be a complaint of many next-gen games. At least Uncharted leaves a lasting impression, unlike the single player campaign for COD4.

Breakfast4226d ago

Im not too sure it actual screen tearing...i think its the game loading. It usually only happens when your going into a 'new' area.

The story and the presentation are great in this game. But, i do think they can do a little more to help the gameplay.

But, its still the best PS3 game. Uncharted 2 is gonna be nuts.

Bathyj4226d ago

I also had to just stop and admire the view at the top of the waterfall with the sun setting on the horizon. Beauty like that is usually reserved for nature. Its was quite was inspiring to see it in a game and to actually "feel" something from it.

Cant wait for Afrika.

rushbd4226d ago

this type of games can become boring if they are too long. i think uncharted was perfect.

donator4226d ago

You can buy that gun for about $100 elsewhere. Depending on how much the real wood grips are, you can probably save some money.


Ya'll welcome.

Bathyj4226d ago

Man I'd love to buy that.
We are not allowed to have replica guns in Oz, just cos some jerk shot a bunch of people. Its crap. He didn't do it with an airsoft.

The ironic thing is I used to own that actually gun. Berretta 9mm is one of the finest handguns in the world. Its so accurate I once hit a gold ball from 50m on my second shot, never jams unlike the .45 and is just a gorgeous weapon to fire.

Eventually I had to sell it because another jerk shot a bunch of people (he wasnt even an Aussie jerk) at Monash uni and all the laws got tougher and I didn't maintain my license, hence to had to give up shooting. Man I miss that gun.

Did you know Berretta is one of the oldest companies in the world.

Whoooop4226d ago

You mean in Oswald State Correctional Facility???

That damn McManus is giving you hard time huh....


matchgrade4226d ago

I'd choose a .45 over a beretta anyday. It never jams if you clean it properly, and unlike the beretta, it can break skin.

Bathyj4226d ago

Are we still talking pistols, or airsoft cause I'm pretty sure 9mm's can break skin, but that was funny.

.45's jam just like Glocks dent casings. Maybe not every piece but I've seen enough examples of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.