Play Xevious While Installing Ridge Racer 7 To The PS3's HD.

You can play your minigames you've downloaded while you wait for the installation of games and stuff to the hard-drive...

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TheMART4448d ago

You know why this all is?

Because BluRay is too slow to get the games done properly.

So they make installments on the HDD. Now that's nice. You have a HDD and most of it will be taken up by games because the technology they push on you is too slow to get the game loaded on an acceptable speed.

Because the wait to install is long, they get in minigames and bring is as a nice present to you, when actually they just need to take out the dissapointment you'll have by waiting. Getting the point?

kmis874448d ago

1. Namco has always done this minigames during load screens thing in Ridge Racer
2. Bluray's slowest loading speed is faster than the 360's drive slowest loading speed (DVD is variable read)
3. Installation is an option, and the games still work fine without it apparently, if you don't want to install it then you don't have to
4. Not all games even need the load feature, as I've heard nothing about it in Resistance. Most of it is up to the devs. The best looking games on ps2 didn't have any noticeable load times, but many games that didn't look as good had terrible load times, and the ps3 is much faster than the ps2.

CyberSentinel4447d ago

Who cares about a drives "slowest" speed? Your rebuttal made no sense.

specialguest4448d ago

yeah, i owned an atari 7800 back in the days, and the first game i owned for that system was Xevious. that damn game had no ending. it just starts you at the beginning, but at a harder level, after beating the game.

InMyOpinion4447d ago

I guess the rumour that RR7 took 9 seconds to load onto the hdd was also bulls**t. Probably takes 9 seconds just to load Xevious. But hey, extra load times is a good thing , right? At least that's what the Ps3 community seems to think.

uxo224447d ago

Does it take that long to load that one would want to load it to the hard drive? How much does it load to the hard drive. 25 Gig blu-ray disk, 60 gig hard drive, am I wrong to think that if this becomes a standard that the 60 gig drive will be consumed very quickly.

Why do one need to load to hard drive, are there know stoppage/pauses for textures to load during game play.

does it take a long time for tracks to load. Just trying to understand why a load to hard drive may be necessary.

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The story is too old to be commented.