Be Ashamed At How Not-Ready You Are For Titanfall

Twinfinite writes:

"Recently, Bubl Entertainment, web developer for games, apps, and related things, created a short film detailing the intensity of Titanfall anticipation."

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GentlemenRUs2657d ago

I don't even... Why is this on here?

BOLO2656d ago

To support the 50 other Titanfall articles already posted on N4G...Duh! /s

ThichQuangDuck2657d ago

It appears Titanfall fans are attempting to meet the brain cell count of the in game AI. Admirable cause

ThanatosDMC2657d ago

They need to figure out a way to get a self induced comatose.

SaintAlpha1012657d ago

I won't be getting a Next-Gen system or this game until next year at the earliest, so I think I've got plenty of time to get 'ready' for Titanfall.

blakstarz2657d ago

@ 4:55 is that a slap at Gears of War?

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