Retrospective: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty

A typically bold Hideo Kojima stunned gamers when he revealed that the star of Metal Gear Solid 2 would not be Solid Snake, but rather an effeminate rookie soldier with floppy blonde hair. Raiden was universally rejected by Metal Gear fans, but this was exactly Kojima’s intention.

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Inception2663d ago

Some people hated MGS 2 because Solid Snake not fully playable, instead they're playing as the newcomer Raiden. Personally i don't have problem with Raiden and surprised with that plot twist. But Kojima successfully raised the bar with MGS 2. That's why MGS 2 still one of the best MGS i ever play.

DCfan2663d ago

One of my all time favorites.
Set the standard for stealth games, still no game can stealth game can top it. Pure stealth in the sense.