Ridge Racer 7 vs Ridge Racer 6 Exact Screenshot Comparison

Small changes and better looking graphics on the 360 are the highlights.

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Bill Nye5373d ago

Let the fanboy wars begin...

... again.

joemutt5373d ago

Is it the hardware?
Is it the developers?
Is it a fake?

What type of ammo will the fanboys use?

UrbanJabroni5373d ago

Maybe we should give odds.

i'm giving 3-1 that we are going to see someone create their own screenshot comparison using links to a magazine's pictures. They won't bother doing shot-for-shot, but they'll show shot a from console b and say 'LOOK, LOOK how this P0wnz anything on console C'

2-1 will be the "Developers haven't figured out how to use the system" followed by the "they have had just as much development time" rebuttal

1-1 says that we'll get the usual "Console A rocks. If console B is so good why aren't you playing Game x or waiting in line to buy it."

Did I miss anything

shotty5373d ago

I would have thought the ps3 version would have won because it had 1 year more of dev time and it was also rr7 asopposed to the xbox 360s rr6.

DJ5373d ago

Could've sworn RR7 looks better than RR6...