Next Generation Ace Combat Being Considered; It’ll Depend on How Well Infinity Does

Project Aces is finally heading towards the home stretch of development with the Free to Play PS3 exclusive Ace Combat: Infinity, but they’re already looking at the future, as Producer Kazutoki Kono explained.

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AceBlazer132655d ago

Seriously? Deciding it on the success of a ftp title in such a busy year for gaming?

chrissx2655d ago

Nextgen ace combat would be amazing, hope they decide to do it

Summons752655d ago

Bit Infinity is going to be free to play which means it will be dead on arrival. :( A future without Ace Combat games would be very dark indeed.

Common put out an ace combat game like before. They were great Assault Horizon was meh and Infinity is going to be destroyed by micro transactions and low quality.

Inception2654d ago

"Bit Infinity is going to be free to play which means it will be dead on arrival."

I said the same thing for Tekken Revolution, but it broke the record by having 2 million downloads and more. If i were you, i will not underestimate the power of F2P games.

I also participated on Infinity beta and surprised that Namco really gone back to the classic Ace Combat in terms of story, gameplay, and music. No more Assault Horrizon BS. Lot's of people on the official AC facebook said they really satisfied with the quality of Infinity. But the only thing i and all beta users don't like is the fuel system. I'm sure Namco aware of this and maybe they will fix it when they ready to release the game.

So yeah, i'm positive that Infinity will have a good success.

SaturdayNightBeaver2655d ago

Make Ace Combat game like AC3 , then i'll be interested.

Matt6662654d ago

AC2 was better in my opinion also squadron leader was a good AC

SaturdayNightBeaver2654d ago

Ya i loved AC2 same but the soundtrack and some levels of AC3 is why i prefer it more. I'm not really a fan of the new games "american-pride" orchestral soundtracks...

DafunkyRebel2654d ago

AC4 was great but AC5 was my favorite had a great story too

Salooh2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I hate thIS . I don't buy stuff for free to play games but if this was on ps4 and it had a great gameplay i would have supported it. Love ace combat from ps2.

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