An Attempt To Understand Watch Dogs' Graphics Downgrade

While it’s fantastic that Watch Dogs has a new release date at last (May 27th), the story trailer that accompanied the announcement yesterday is drawing a fair bit of criticism from those who think the delay has made the game look worse, rather than better.

Forum posters on NeoGAF specifically have laid into the game after posting side-by-side comparisons of the most recent footage from what we were shown at E3. In the specific scenes highlighted, the difference is undeniably noticeable.

There are a few explanations for this.

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Zombro3249d ago

Don't worry I'm still buying it regardless it's not like you would make it look worse on purpose looking forward to this !

Gardenia3248d ago

That is not the point. It is false "advertising". And it is not a little toned down, it looks like a PS3/Xbox 360 game now

InMyOpinion3249d ago

I'm pretty sure the trailer showcased the 360/PS3 version. Has that not been confirmed?

DeadlyFire3249d ago

Well it was leaked first on X360 dashboard. So its possible. As creative director has made the claim that PS4 version will be identical to the E3 demo's graphics. Which if true then there is no need to worry. If not though? hmm.....

morganfell3249d ago

Remember this?:

Even if you select is still 720p and it is compressed 720p at that. And it looks good.

Here is the 14 minute demo in 1080p:

What is wrong with this picture? It is 14 minutes of 1080p and it is less that 1.4GB. That is still compressed video. We really have seen almost no uncompressed footage of the game in the past year. When you do you will see this:

BattleTorn3249d ago

It actually hasn't. Which you think would be the first thing they'd do if it was...

Check out the Gamespot Preview, I'm pretty sure the guy says it's PS4.

s1xt6en3249d ago

The gamespot video is the same video all publications are using. I believe it's ps4 footage but NO ONE KNOWS. Also, where does that video look bad at all? The gif everyone is seeing is literally a 2 second part of the video that granted looks bad but the rest of the video looks great. Yet, no one is pointing to the full video just that section where he is hacking the bridge so the lighting is bad. Now every gaming site who HAS NOT played the game is feeding into it. While all the sites who have played it have clearly said the game looks fantastic. Which leads me to my original post gamers are viewed as idiots by all other forms of media and I can see why. We cry and get outraged about stuff we haven't even tried or experienced for ourselves. Look at the ground zeroes crap. Omg it's only 2 hours, when the publication said no the main mission is 2 hours but there are more than just 1 mission. But you said it was only 2 hours I don't want this game anymore. Smh.

angelsx3249d ago

Whay they wanna hipe the game with old gen graphics?

Hard8times3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

The is the PS4 version FACT the button prompts at 1:14 mark prove it's PS4 and his written preview proves its ps4 what more do you dudes need lol just accept it the next gen version looks terrible

s1xt6en3249d ago

I can't reply anymore after this but please tell me how the link you posted looks terrible. Please explain.

Tempest3173249d ago

You know the ps3 has the same control scheme as ps4 right? You cant call it fact wjen it could obviously be something else. Also, I agree with s1xt6en, that really doesnt look terrible...the day shot was kinda bare, but the night shot was awesome

BattleTorn3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )


The PS3/PS4 apparent have different button "pictures"

The footage is PS4 because the bumpers are pictures as having round edges, and PS3's are squarer.. (apparently, I don't have photographic memory)

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teknx3249d ago

Not all gaming companies do the trailer/teaser bait and switch (See MGS V Ground Zeroes which looks awesome and next gen despite being on last gen consoles as well).

Ubisoft was able to destroy 2 years of hype and anticipation within 24 hours because of their E3 2012 trailer trickery.

This makes me worry about the reality of The Division. I was really looking forward to closing that police car door...

game_infected3249d ago

why show it on 360ps3 after long delay?

dcj05243249d ago

They better release a trailer similar to that 2012 one or else them sales will drop.

cyclindk3249d ago

Yeah, they only hurt themselves when they overshoot with this "proof of concept" footage and then downgrade...

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