inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Unannounced Power Is “Absolutely Mind-Boggling”

As of now you know only of two of the powers that will be available in inFAMOUS: Second Son, smoke and neon, and the team at Sucker Punch has been extremely tight-lipped on the rest. Finally inFAMOUS Brand Development Director Ken Schramm gave something on one of the power sets that are still unknown.

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Convas2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Oh Damn.

AS a future PS4 owner who wants this game, I don't see how it'll be possible to not have the secret powers remaining spoiled for me.

As soon as people get their hands on it, GIFs will hit the web. D:

morganfell2658d ago

It isn't really a secret. The hidden power is...the PS4.


hahaha good one. at first when I was reading I was thinking you were about to spoil something for me. I was about to get pissed and be like douche bag hahaha.

nveenio2657d ago

Ditto. I'm think a blackout on this game is going to be necessary very soon. Sucker Punch is keeping secrets for a reason. I trust them. I'm gonna let it hit me as they intend it to.

TheTowelBoy2658d ago

Agreed the only way I can see you not getting something spoiled for yourself is, preorder and order both things; the Ps4 and SS to come on the same day. Next, once it hits your house(which you should plan all this to come on the day the game releases) go into a media blackout. That's the most I can help ya, brother. Good luck anyhow :)

Abriael2658d ago

Very unlikely. They already said they want their powers to be stuff that hasn't been done before, and water has been done to death.

AnotherProGamer2658d ago

Water would have made sense since the city is covered in water

KangarooSam2658d ago

So, you know that Delsin won't be able to swim, but you think he'll be able to manipulate water? Okay then.....

Abriael2658d ago

He can swim, he just can't "swim" meaning move around in the water mechanically, but lore-wise he can.

Elimin82658d ago

EARTH! Oh sorry.. earth..

Elimin82658d ago

@TheTowelBoy Couldn't help it!

Chitown712912658d ago

@Kangaroo he can swim bro. It was IGN live feed of the gameplay

joab7772658d ago

And I read that they scrapped steel. Hmmm....wonder what it is!

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GreenRanger2658d ago

Well if it's "Absolutely Mind-Boggling", it probably hasn't been done before.

Radentangr2658d ago

Steel, concrete and glass. Sorry to spoil it.

Clover9042658d ago

They said that they were thinking about steel, but they felt a steel power had a "been there, done that" vibe so they took it out.

Abriael2658d ago

Steel's not in. They already said it's been discarded,

Radentangr2658d ago

Steel is actually solder. Its about melting and fusing metal in the game. Kind of looks like molten lava when you charge a metal item before making it explode like a volcano. Not as cool as glass, think Knack shards but sucking glass from windows as you run. Looks awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.