Best Buy to offer empty-handed PS3 buyers an Xbox 360

Best Buy stores will offer empty-handed Playstation 3 buyers an Xbox 360 should the retailer sell out of Sony's anticipated next-generation console.

According to a Best Buy's retail protocol for selling the PS3, customers who waited in line but didn't get a PS3 will be offered a launch day deal of an Xbox 360 Premium System and two game titles, with a third title at no cost.

The offer is said to be valid from Nov. 17 to Nov. 19.

The PS3 will boast high-definition games and movies in up to 1080p resolution with its proprietary Blu-ray format and built-in HDMI connection.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 features high-definition games, movies, and television shows. It recently dropped an external HD DVD player to retail in order to play new high-definition format flicks.

Sony will ship 400,000 PS3 units to retail for launch, with many retailers expected to receive only 10-15 units in initial shipments. It expects to ship 2 million units to the U.S. and Japan by year-end.

Select Best Buy stores will offer midnight launch events for the PS3 when it drops to retail next week.

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CarlosX3604450d ago

...for the ps3 launch, then.

Interesting piece of news.

joemutt4450d ago

If you think about it, there are 150 people standing in line at your store, and each one of them has at least $600 in their pocket.

The problem is, they only have 10 PS3's.

Will people wait? Or will they jump in?

power of Green 4450d ago

^^^ PS3 fanboys will wait, the average consumer wont care as long as they can buy a console Kids moms and casual adults will have two choices for the most part all the games are on both consoles it's a no brainer.

SjaakHaas4449d ago

average consumers wont stand in line :D

power of Green 4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

For the most part but you'll be suprized what some families will do for little timmy for xmas. Elmo and Gears of War are just a couple of examples.

shotty4450d ago

Very smart move by bestbuy. So the hours in the cold can get you, your very own copy of Gears of War for free. I would have done it if I didn't have my xbox 360.

DJ4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

Customers would still be paying $500 for a system that they didn't wait in line for. Clever move, but I wonder how many will take the bait.

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The story is too old to be commented.