Ni No Kuni has shipped over 1.1 million units

Critically acclaimed JRPG Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has shipped over 1.1 million units worldwide since its initial Japanese release in late 2011. The game hit western shelves in early 2013.

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Snookies122323d ago

That's pretty dang good, wonder how many it sold digitally. Also, they've had two PS+ sales putting it down to incredibly cheap prices. Wonder how many sold during those times.

TomShoe2323d ago

Probably quite a bit, considering it's a pretty niche title. Congratulations to the team behind it, one of the most underrated games of the PS3's generation.

EasyOneTwoThree2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

It's a little bit overated i think, Teammate AI sucks. Im not finish playing it though.

360ICE2322d ago


Not to spoil, but how that game keeps reinventing itself even 40 hours into the game was what really amazed me. Agree that the team AI isn't always superb.

Gazondaily2322d ago

Yeah I bought it digitally under PS+ sales. Great game but the teammate A.I....I have lost count how many times I have screamed at the TV.

Definitely a must buy though. Brilliant game.

Outside_ofthe_Box2322d ago

I'm glad to see this game sold well.

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showtimefolks2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

i really want to try it but i just don't like RPG's where combat is turned base. Can anyone suggest any combat help for Ni No Kuni?


okay thanks will buy it new to support the developers and give it a shot.

Hicken2322d ago

Keep moving? It's kinda turn based, but kinda not.

ltachiUchiha2322d ago

I used 2 ppl to heal the group & I just take down the boss myself. If u block a critical attack there will be a yellow orb floating around for u to use a powerful attack & it recovers your health. Also if u do not grab that yellow orb, it will go away & u will have to try an get it again the same way. Everyone has a different stradegy but thats how I played it. U can use your ally's or pets for these tasks.

Skate-AK2322d ago

It's not really turn based. You run around in a 3D area while fighting. There is like a ATB wait time of a couple seconds but you have complete freedom of movement while waiting. You should give it a chance. There is a demo, have you ever tried that? Platinum took me around 86 hours but probably about 60 to finish the main story and most side quests.

showtimefolks2322d ago

Thank you guys i will buy it and give it a shot. Demo felt pretty good but quite hard. Watched few reviews and they all state that early parts of the games are tough but once you level up it becomes easier

Thanks again for all your help

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Why o why2322d ago

I did my part to support this title. Great game

Patrick_pk442322d ago

I remember buying my copy from Amazon for $9 due to a sale.

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jhpadilla2323d ago

I want it for PS4, in HD, NOW !!!!!!! TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

PSNintyGamer2323d ago

Hopefully they make a 3ds,PS4 sequel in the future.

dboyman2322d ago

How about the PS Vita? A game like this would be perfect for the Vita...

ElementX2322d ago

I bought it however it's still in the shrink wrap, then I bought the next gen consoles

ltachiUchiha2322d ago

One of the best jrpg's I played last gen. I hope there is a sequel. I easily put 100+ hours into the game. Congratz Level 5.

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