Why You Should Prepare For Titanfall on Day One

Hardcore Gamer - After spending many hours with the Titanfall beta, the wait for the March 11 launch of the full game is almost unbearable. The beta gave crucial insight into how the game played and while it’s easy to paint it with a broad “it’s an FPS with mechs” brush, that’s missing so much of what makes Titanfall stand out from the pack. The first thing you’ll want to do is go through the tutorial. FPS vets may scoff at the idea of doing that, but you’ll want to. The parkour-heavy gameplay is a lot faster-paced than your average FPS, and it takes some time to get used to speeding around areas and learning how to properly chain wallruns together. Once you master that, you’ll be ready to leap around the levels with ease and either snap necks or jump kick fools off of ledges (almost) whenever you want to.

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ValKilmer2657d ago

Heck yeah! This a game you do NOT want to fall behind in.

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TomShoe2657d ago

It's a cool game, unfortunately, I'm a notorious cheapskate. I'll probably wait for it to drop into a good price range, maybe around $40. It sucks having to wait, but I got like 4 games on Black Friday for $60, so it does have its benefits.

ValKilmer2657d ago

Man, this is a game that probably won't drop significantly until the next one comes out, ala Call of Duty.

Lukebb912657d ago

I don't think its worth playing it on day one.... I know I'm an "asshole", but i have this feeling the first week or two is going to be a bit messy.

UnHoly_One2657d ago

I don't know... Normally I would agree with you, but they are using MS servers instead of EA servers.

The beta had one little server glitch the first day, and they fixed that and then ramped everything up over the weekend and it went really well.

I'm actually pretty confident that it's going to be a really good launch.

ValKilmer2657d ago

You'd think EA would have learned its lesson about overloading its servers by now. Plus, I don't know if Microsoft would let something bad happen, as you just know there are journalists (*cough* Kotaku * cough*) waiting to say anything negative they can.

elm2657d ago

Prepare to be amazed playing bots, lol

kewlkat0072657d ago

XBOXone "check"
Xbox live "check"
March Update "check"
Downloading Digitally....