Mario Kart 8 Gets Some New Screens: Bone Dry Dunes

A couple of new images are now available for Mario Kart 8, showcasing the Bone Dry Dunes track

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R00bot2664d ago

This game is looking so good. Can't wait to play it, if it plays half as good as it looks then it'll be wonderful.
Of course, it's Mario Kart, so it'll probably play even better than it looks :D

bobacdigital2664d ago

If it looks and runs anything like 3d world it is going to be liquid smooth amazingness.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2664d ago

Base on E3 demo it runs better

Geekman2664d ago

No wonder it's sold out on amazon.

lemoncake2664d ago

Really nice looking game. If someone from the future came and showed me a picture of this when i was playing the snes version, i would have been like... Noo Way!

BattleN2664d ago

The WiiU is 2 Wii's taped together. Those screens are taken from the CGI movies in the game. lol glad that's not the case!

bobacdigital2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Yes because mario kart has always been loaded with cgi movies lol... This isnt Watchdogs or Alien Colonial Marine rofl.

BattleN2664d ago

Guess I'm just not yet used to seeing Nintendo games in glorious HD :(

bobacdigital2663d ago

I dont think nintendo has ever shown a game off where the game play was a cinematic. They have been almost flawless with showing you exactly what they are going to sell you.

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