Microsoft’s [email protected] Passed Up On The Now PS4/Vita Exclusive Pavilion

iGR: "The guys over at Visiontrick Media may currently be attending BitSummit in Kyoto, but they had time to begin answering some of the questions I sent them early last week. One of which referred to the [email protected] program Microsoft has established to bring independent game developers to Xbox One. It seems they are being rather selective with the program thus far. Not only are they administering an imposing launch parity clause, it looks like they are outright denying applications from talented developers; and it's their loss."

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marcodias2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

microsoft had a lot of oportunities to have more and better games on their console since way back in the days, many go unnoticed but most times there is a reason why its only on one console as the other refused when asked or just didnt even have the decency to even answer... they just dont want games they think wont sell well or arent that good, thats a loss for them, they arent system sellers but they are good games and deserve to be out there even on newer consoles, this is one of the many things i love on the playstation, you can never go wrong with too many games, the more the merrier and ps4 is showing that with amazing AAA games and indies.

What is funny is that xbox fans say ps4 is just indies and they arent worth anything but when news comes out xbox will have indies (most likely because of the success on ps4) everyone from xbox side says yay indies are awesome...

i was a xbox 360 owner, now a playstation owner (when infamous comes out), i switched and will never go back to microsoft, they just dont understand players anymore.

TrueJerseyDevil2658d ago

The Ps4 is mostly indies though. Name one system seller that the PS4 has?

marcodias2658d ago

arent you focusing too much on the today rather than the tomorrow will bring? xbox one will have outside of indies some new Ip here and there, after the first year is done it will only have halo and gears of war, ps4 will have over 100 exclusives down the line, 100 games still to come out this year alone, you want a system seller infamous is comming out, want another? the order 1886 will do, E3 will show so many exclusives to come within the next year your head will spin.

you probably believe Xbox system seller is titanfall but that isnt even an exclusive

yewles12658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

"The Ps4 is mostly indies though. Name one system seller that the PS4 has?"

Indies: The Game; it's selling them 6 million PS4's and counting...

GraveLord2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

inFamous Second Son, The Order 1886, Killzone Shadowfall, Knack and Driveclub. There's something for everyone there and there's still much more to be announced. This is only the beginning.

scott1822658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

On topic: This Game looks cool..

OffT: System sellers
The combo of- drive club, the order, infamous, deep down, MLB The Show-

The next Uncharted, The Last of Us games

The combo of multiplayer games- PlanetSide, Warframe, Warthunder, DCUniverse, Everquest next, Final Fantasy XV-

And great Sony franchises we all know are coming that always sell systems including Gran turismo and God of War...

More to name but I'm lazy.

Eonjay2658d ago

Random fact, the indie game Towerfall comes out on PS4 on 3/11/2014, the same day as Titanfall on the Xbox One. I have a confession, I'm more excited to play Towerfall, but I don't expect my opinion to be everyone's.

Aces172658d ago

@marcodias You are some fortune teller.

zoks3102658d ago

The $100 gap in price is all it needs.

Hoika2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

PS4 system sellers: Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Guerilla Games (+Cambridge), Evolution, Media Molecule, Santa Monica, etc...

LeCreuset2658d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Don't believe me? Show me a game on either system that has sold more, then show me the hardware sales for that system.

Come on, son. Why did you even do that to yourself?

GentlemenRUs2658d ago

And the XBONE is full of sub-par 1080p games @ 15-30fps but that don't mean its crap.

stuna12658d ago

And you got 9 agrees with that statement! Smh, when will people learn? It's not a sprint, it's a marathon! And already a second party is trying to catch its second wind.

GamingNerd0132658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I can name many that aren't even out 4 PS4 yet infamous SS, order 1886, GT7, Uncharted 4, and many more that most sony devs haven't even announce their new IPS they r working on. So yeah what was it about PS4 being mostly a indies again? Also what's funny one of the indies games resogon is the highest rated game on next gen and easily the most addictive game as well. Really people just don't think with whatever they type at least prove facts of what ur typing yo otherwise ur just a dumb xbox fanboy then again pretty much all xbox fanboys r with whatever BS lies MS tells to them and to people.

cluckey072658d ago

Neither system has a system seller yet. InFamous comes out this month and Titanfall comes out this month. Both are yet to be released. Both get their biggest titles a week away from each other.

HaveAsandwich2658d ago

price and company image. two of the best known system sellers. sony is currently exclusive with both. :D

kalbo142658d ago

seriously if you are a indie developer, you will not take for granted Sony's PS4 sales...just saying

Giul_Xainx2658d ago

The Indie scene is generating some very good profit margins.

And once again this is another big ol huge F'n sign that gamers really SHOULD pay attention to. Another supporting factor that suggests the Xbox brand is going to either be sold, or fail outright.

Keep telling yourself that Microsoft won't kill the Xbox brand. They want to kill XP right now. As in making it extremely annoying for users to see a pop up window on their Operating System running old software. Vista is already dead and they are already starting on Windows 9 so they can kill Windows 7 next.

NeloAnjelo2658d ago

@TrueJerseyDevil The PS4 IS the system seller!

I think its MS that needs their systems sold.

Anyways its not like MS had amazing games at launch... DR, RYSE, Crimson Dragon, etc...? Get real. None of these are amazing.

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Mystogan2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

You're saying all this but admit it... You're not gonna play this game..

EBTpickle2658d ago

This is a wonderful game, I thought that Chris Charla was changing things in the independent scene at Xbox, but I may have been mistaken.

Wingsfan242658d ago

You haven't even played it yet. How do you know it's "wonderful".

christocolus2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )



EBTpickle2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

You're right, I haven't head hands-on time with it yet. I meant to say "wonderful looking", and it definitely is.

Eonjay2658d ago

I don't understand what this game is about. I don't get it at all. I love indies but not all are for me. I'm not excited for this game at all as a PS4 owner. However, I can't wait for Towerfall. Also, Awesomenauts is out now for PS4. Thats good too. And Dead Nation of course. So just like AAA games, they can be a hit or miss.

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christocolus2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )


The truth is not every game will be certified by ms or sony, if every game is given a pass then we will have a lot of shovelware on the console.

Chris charla is indeed doing a great job,so many devs are jumping on board now and ive read some really encouraging comments from indies about the programme and chris charla. if the programme was a bad idea johnathan blow would'nt be back. Ms has made really giant strides and Chris and his team should be commended.

EBTpickle2658d ago

I absolutely understand the need for an application process. It's just that Pavilion looks to be quite the opposite of shovelware.

GraveLord2658d ago

Another week, another indie Microsoft passed on. One day one of these indies they pass on will by the next big thing.

Mystogan2658d ago

And the other 99% will be shovelware..

vigilante_man2658d ago

You do not understand the concepts behind indie games!

The developers create fresh new games that we simply would never get the chance to play. There are no guarantees in life but its great to have more choice and variety.

coolasj2658d ago

I didn't think it was possible to be denied from the [email protected] program. How extremely odd.

pupa2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

[" Not only are they administering an imposing launch parity clause, it looks like they are outright denying applications from talented developers"]

M$ up to their old dirty tricks again same as the last gen. They cannot compete farly for a win without some sly scheme and ruining it for others! Blackmailing and paying for parity should be outlawed as it the most evil notion anyone could have ever created and it is damaging to the industry.

Anyway as with the PS3 those parity clauses helped M$ not one bit and the millions of true gamers that defected from the slimy corporate giant are proof of that. Developer falling for that should be outcast by gamers and their products boycotted. Yes EA I am looking at you and Ubisoft!

I vow to not purchase 1 game that is not better running or graphicly superior on the PS4 as then I will be sure that M$ got to the devs with their parity clause and I will not entertain that developing house kniving in bed with Microsoft stabing gamers in the back.

Kiwi662658d ago

So you want other gamers to not buy games from any developer that has their game also on the xbox system what a stupid idea that is just because you have hatred for them .
You seem to forget that most games that are on xbox are also on playstation ie EA games so that would mean there would be less games on your favourite console

5eriously2658d ago

Not at all what he said. Read again, this time slowly and comprehend some.

He means that if a game is gimped or run at lowered specifications on the PS4 due to a parity clause by Microsoft then PS4 gamers should boycott that product.

Actually I agree.

pupa2658d ago

To those disagreeing! Here is another article confirming that Microsoft are enforcing the parity clause. Instead of just disagreeing why not tell us why you disagree or are you scared of facts?

[“Yes, launch parity is still a thing. In my talks with Microsoft they’ve shown no sign of backing down on that.” Another developer who didn’tt want to have his name published also added: “I’m still upset about the launch parity, and in ongoing negotiations about that. I just think that is hurtful for our scene.”]

Read for yourself and see how Microsoft are trying to level the playing field knowing their system cannot compete equally with the PS4.

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