Sarkeesian's Stolen FanArt Fail

Anita Sarkeesian, founder of Feminist Frequency and the Tropes vs. Women videos, faces charges of stolen FanArt and unsourced Let's Play videos.

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admiralvic2661d ago

1) Before anyone gets their hopes up, there are no charges, just an allegation.
2) I honestly wonder how anyone can actually respect / like Anita, especially to the point of being a role model? I would get into this, but I rather not see where that topic leads me...
3) Be warned that the article is very very pro-Anita.

More on topic~

Going off all the negative things I've seen about her, this one is among the most minor. I certainly don't condone her stealing fan art, though at the same time it can also be "hard" to tell fan art from the real deal. Like a while back one of the writers I worked with googled "Don't Starve" and used one of the first images that came up via search. This image looked fairly close to the real deal (used images from the game and the background), so it was surprising to learn it was fan art and even more surprising to see someone call us out for it. I wouldn't be shocked if Anita simply googled something that just so happened to yield this image and didn't realize it was actually fan art. Maybe I am giving her too much credit, but I think that is far more realistic than she knew the source and maliciously ignored it.

Anyway, I'll be interested to see how this plays out, though I am sure it will have a boring ending.

Smashbro292661d ago

With how sloppy some of her research was I can imagine she just used the first image off google she could find.

TheDevil15inallofus2661d ago

Overall, not surprising. Wasn't she also stealing other Youtuber's video game clips for her videos, as well?