Top Five Wii U Games That Best Use the GamePad

SuperPhillip Central writes, "It's no secret that many developers, including those within Nintendo, have been clueless as to how to incorporate the Wii U GamePad successfully into their games. It doesn't say much for the controller when the recently released Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze only used it for off TV play. Otherwise it simply showed a black screen. Still, there are a selection of titles that do make fine and even highly creative uses of the Wii U's special controller. These five games are what SuperPhillip Central's staff deems the ones that implement the GamePad best and in a variety of ways."

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Benjaminkno2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I'm a big gamepad fan, but ZombiU was lacking on so many levels.

I've been meaning to try Deus Ex and NFS...

mydyingparadiselost2308d ago

NFS is nice, being able to change cars with just a touch on the gamepad is pretty awesome.
I just started Deus Ex and having played it on PS3 already I can say so far I prefer the WiiU version simply for the added gamepad functions. The radar, the hacking, looting and more is all accessible with the pad and makes a lot of sense for the Deus Ex world. There also an entire digital guide you can use on the gamepad, complete with maps, best routes to take depending on your play style and info about quest requirements. It's worth checking out :D

Jay70sgamer2308d ago

I disagree I feel zombi u was used great for the gamepad also deus ex ,lego city and Rayman legend was used great with the gamepad

BootHammer2308d ago

ZombiU was one of the best launch titles in recent history for me. It used the GamePad very well, was outside of Nintendo's usual comfort zone (mature based title) and it was very atmospheric. If they ever do a sequel I'm all in.

The GamePad is just fine IMO, just needs more attention ;)

WeAreLegion2308d ago

Both ZombiU and LEGO City: Undercover used it well. I just wish Wario had been as good as Smooth Moves. :/

Sly-Lupin2308d ago

Eh, I haven't really been impressed by any two-screen game, be it WiiU, NDS or 3DS. It really only ever seems most effective as a place to dump menus/maps.

The only games I can think of that use the second screen really well are the Etrian Odyssey games, as both screens displaying the two critical aspects of play simultaneously made the whole experience much more seamless.

Beyond that, the only other time I can even think of a developer EVER doing something cool/mildly interesting with the second screen was THAT one NDS game with THAT big plot twist/turn-up thing.

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