The Last of Us Is Proof Enough That There's No Need For A Last of Us Movie

A Last of Us movie is in the works, and if there's one reason that shouldn't happen, it's the game itself.

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TomRL2655d ago

Yes yes yes, brilliant.

TomShoe2655d ago

Should they make a movie?

The Naughty God fan in me says yes...

...but the artist in me says no. The Last of Us's ending was PERFECT. I'm not sure if a movie could replicate what we all felt.

TomRL2655d ago

We need to abandon the unspoken notion that movies are above video games and that it should be an honor for them to be made into movies. Metal Gear Solid and Last of Us stand in the same league as movies and yet are being converted to film anyway. It just seems a little silly. The game itself does the job perfectly.

Testfire2655d ago

I don't get the point of making games into movies. There's nothing positive I could walk away from with a movie adaptation that I didn't get from the game.
I enjoyed an awesome 14ish hour interactive experience, a 2 hour movie could only leave me disappointed.

Justindark2655d ago

.......14 hours? hmm more like 6 this game was way to damn short..

Blastoise2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

You must have been in a rush to somehow manage to complete this game in 6 hours, considering it's a 12-16 hour game for most

Testfire2655d ago

I call bs, no way can you beat it in 6, don't even think in a speed run.

Clogmaster2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

You're right. It's so problematic to make a movie when the game will be much more fleshed out.

Why don't they just make a CG series using upscaled assets from the game?

Keep all the cutscenes, and turn the gameplay sections into cutscenes.

Scrivlar2655d ago

It's so people who don't play games can enjoy the story, Like they do with Books. I say go for it, We might not like it but maybe people who haven't played the game will love it.

NeoTribe2655d ago

If the movie is done correctly it will only further naughty dogs domination in the gaming industry. Will increase there fame and people will be further interested in the next last of us game in the near future. Plus zombie movies usually do pretty well in the movie industry.

Justindark2655d ago

it was basically a movie to begin with...

Ghanja2655d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.