Ubisoft PR On New Watch Dogs Controversy: "Graphics Not Downgraded, Looks Incredible & Next-Gen"

A massive controversy broke out yesterday immediately after the release of new Watch Dogs Story trailer. The graphics/visuals in the new footage was heavily downgraded and was nowhere close to what we saw in E3 2012 footage.

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GarrusVakarian2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

"Graphics Not Downgraded"



Ubisoft, i am disappoint.


Part of me hopes that it was just a poor choice of footage in the trailer, but like you said, if the game hasn't been downgraded, then why show footage that says otherwise? You're supposed to show the game at it's absolute best in trailers.

US8F2658d ago

It's the PR department, of course they going to say that. Bullshotting applies to them in particular. If there is a better quality, why release this crap?

Yi-Long2658d ago

The released a crappy tailer, and if they're telling the truth here, that it's NOT been downgraded, then they should release a new stunning trailer to convince everyone, cause right now, public perception is very much against them.

morganfell2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )


I would seriously gamble they are working on doing this right now but in such a manner it does not appear to be a response.

I normally agree with Lukas but I think you are jumping the gun. You are going to discover that gif is from a last gen version and the current gen and PC versions look fine. As I said several times earlier, this is from the same video as the gif you posted and it appears to be cobbled together out of various clips:

I hate bullshots but unintentionally bombing a title over a mistaken or deceptive gif is just as bad.

I wasn't a believer in the original Watchdogs E3 presentation because I could prove it was fake and prerendered. But even I am saying people should hold their tongue until this is straightened out.

GarrusVakarian2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )


" You are going to discover that gif is from a last gen version and the current gen and PC versions look fine."

I hope so.

That GIF you posted does look better than the ones i posted, that's for sure. Why would they think using footage from multiple platforms/gens would be a good idea for a trailer? If that's what they have done....they have created some backlash that could have been entirely avoided.

morganfell2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )


It wasn't strictly from a trailer but a vid when watched seems to be jumping from one piece to another randomly. Here:

If it is from current gen its just one of those deceptively bad moments that happen in every good looking game.

Also as I have said in another post the lighting is bad there because the bridge is flashing. It is a selectable, hackable object.

I am getting the game for PS4 but I have always been a skeptic of the title. But even I do not think things are as bad as people are making out.


Also realize that the recent hands on junket had comments from joystiq and arabgamer saying the PS4 version they had hands on was stunning.

morganfell2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

No matter how this turns out for Ubi, it is causing them some other PR issues as well. Here is what happens when you hire a PR person for looks instead of brains:

When you attack other publisher's titles, particularly in defense of your own it is usually a bad move.

MorePowerOfGreen2658d ago

Something is going on here. First thuway(CBOAT alt) suddenly tries to spread rumors again, now this forced controversy. Somebody knows something, could it be worse than Thief?

zeee2658d ago

They they should prove otherwise.

I believe what I can see and all I see right now is a massive downgrade in graphics quality.

AndrewLB2658d ago

This high quality hd trailer looks pretty good though. it's recent too.

LetoAtreides822658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

@morganfell Even that gif doesn't look very impressive, the physics are way off and seems to me the fps is very low.

Sevir2658d ago

I have to laugh at the reaction! Seriously... What was unveiled at E3 2012 was running on a PC! PS4 wasn't even announced until Feb 2013... The Xbox One wasn't announced till May 2013...

Final specs weren't known for either of the consoles in 2012. So it should come as no surprise that PS4 and Xbox One play in the same ball park as PC s but not on the same part of the field... What was shown running on PS4 yesterday looks just like the 2013 footage displayed at Sony's E3 presser... And it's very close to what was demo'd in 2012... This came from Eurogamer's Digital Foundry comparison July of last year just a day after E3.

And while they highlight the PS4's short comings they also point out how close the PS4 plays in the ballpark of the PC and further highlights that since 2013's Console demonstration, the 2014 reintroduced footage looks just like the 2013 footage.

Compare that comparison to the trailer released yesterday and all you'll see is that the PC looks better than PS4 and that's it. Not a graphics downgrade from 2013 to 2014...

Giul_Xainx2658d ago

I am going to buy the game regardless.

I have a PS4, I am going to buy Watchdogs.


Only the real fan trolls are feeding off this like maggots on fresh roadkill.

sgtGanGreen2658d ago

@morganfell That is ps4 gameplay, from that video you linked, when he is fighting cops

Bimkoblerutso2657d ago

The ironic part about this is that the game still doesn't look BAD. It would not have been known for it's next-gen graphics, but there are plenty of games that succeed on completely separate merits.

But Ubisoft has now made it a "thing" because video gaming these days is apparently all about deceiving consumers into buying a product instead of making a product that they want to buy in the first place.

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Salooh2658d ago

The division is a next gen only. I doubt it will have the same fate .

I don't think Watch dog got downgraded , they just haven't reached that level in the first place lol .

Hellsvacancy2658d ago

The Division looks too good to be true

madduey2658d ago

If they fuck up the division they will have a shit storm on there hands!!!

Radentangr2658d ago

The visuals you see on The Division tech demo and trailers are top top top end PCs. Do not expect that fidelity, expect the same bait and switch as Watch Dogs. The irony is Watch Dogs still looks as good as AC so its not all bad.

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mike32UK2658d ago

the 'not sure if serious' picture creased me!

curtis922658d ago

Yeah cause that's definitely not previous gen version you're comparing with... smh

GarrusVakarian2658d ago

The GIF with the car jumping the bridge is apparently PS4 footage.

curtis922658d ago

@Lukas I wouldn't put too much faith in that claim. Plenty of ps4 gameplay footage out there that proves otherwise. You don't think there's a chance that's ps3 footage?

windblowsagain2658d ago

Do we know those are from current machines, and not from PS3/360 etc.

Kivespussi2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I don't know about the first but the second GIF is fist showing the PS4 version and then the PS3 one. No way next gen games could look that bad

JAMurida2658d ago

If you're talking about this one:

The first footage that says 2012 is from the very first reveal, which was running on PC. PS4/Xbone wasn't even announced at that time. The second is PS3 though.

mantisimo2658d ago

Is there no gaming journalist on here that can verify or not the released video as opposed to the actual recent play they were invited too?

There's always posters on here saying "I'm a journo" where are you guys now?

Saithraphim2658d ago

The difference is way too dramatic. But if they are sure that nothing has changed we can expect a new trailer or gameplay video soon

Radentangr2658d ago

Its not changed, its just not cherry picked and polished for maximum positive reaction. Plus high end PC's will always have better visuals. My concern is that the game is still a mess. And yep, I have played it enough to give that statement.

delicia2658d ago

Last October I had a chance to watch a live Watch Dogs closed doors demonstration. Honestly, the game - at the time - felt unpolished. So I understood the reason for the delay at the time. But, quite frankly, the new trailer seems to show the same old gameplay, with almost zero improvments. Seems to me all this game has is hype.

Ashunderfire862658d ago

Ok people have blown this way out of proportion. That footage is obviously not the PS4/X1/PC build. That the last gen build. That story trailer was using the 360 footage, and then for some reason someone kept changing the trailer, still with the same 360 build shown, but show PC case and another similar trailer show PS4/X1 case.

aLiEnViSiToR2658d ago

The only rational solution i see here is that Ubi used maxed PC game Trailer in 2012 and then in 2014 they just used Next-gen consoles game Trailer and they difference was huge... this can only mean that PC version is not affected by this but nex-gen consoles versions are.

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Mr_cheese2658d ago

Release isn't too far away, which means, nor is the truth.

T22658d ago

true only time will tell , but I'd like to see a ps4 shot of this side by side with ps3 GTAV... if it doesn't look better then buying it in bargain bin for 19.99 and screw you ubi

NYC_Gamer2658d ago

Watch Dogs isn't going to look anything like the E3 reveal and Ubisoft might as well come out and admit the truth

AndrewLB2658d ago

That's because the Xbone and PS4 don't have the power to render graphics like the CGI seen in the 2012 E3 reveal. The e3 2013 trailer looked amazing and was made on high end PC development PS4 setup.

This is not Ubisofts fault. It's Microsoft and Sony's fault for suckering millions into buying underpowered consoles that are nowhere near the power of current-gen PC's. My 3 year old PC with an i7 860 @ 4ghz and gtx 680 wipes the floor many times over with these "next gen" consoles.

And I know some of you will act like children and say some crap about pc master race, but the facts are the facts and you guys were all lied to and were sold underpowered consoles. And the thing is, Sony and Microsoft will continue to take advantage of blind fanboys in the future as long as you keep buying the crap they sell you.

Castle3332657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

who cares.

ExPresident2658d ago

Deny, deny, deny and if all else fails deny.

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