GameInformer: A Journal Of Death: Five Hours With Dark Souls II

20 different sorcerer deaths are chronicled in this hands-on look at Namco Bandai's next big release.

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CrashJones3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

When I click READ FULL PREVIEW... it just goes to an image.

This one actually...


Lord_Sloth3493d ago

So excited! I might be able to get this on Friday.

LAWSON723493d ago

I had this in the magazine and a bit of warning it describes the whole introduction I was a bit sad when I read the first paragraph because it sounded pretty interesting but I had to stop to much of a spoiler for me.

astorias3493d ago

I got the game its really good

astorias3493d ago

I died 30 times jajaj how i know this the game tells you how many times you died worlwide really funny.

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10 Most Peaceful Areas in Games

Here are the most peaceful areas in games that are otherwise quite violent, offering players respite from chaos in the game world.

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Babadook763d ago

My first thought was the safe rooms in the resident evil series. When you hear that enchanting music you know you’re safe.

Killer2020UK62d ago

I literally just came here to post this. That music in the Resi 1 safe rooms is playing in my head.

Rimeskeem62d ago

I was thinking TLOU work benches. Although I remember one time where it was a false security.

closed_account62d ago

Perfect. 👌👌

I'd add the top of my highrise apartment in GTA Online. That calm, quiet peace, just knowing as soon as I step out that door I will be bombarded by 8 and 12 year olds calling each other n**** and f****, trolled by combat jets and rocket launchers.

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henbayward62d ago

The entire map of SotC is peaceful as hell. Used to just ride around exploring it.

mastershredder62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Afterlife in Cyberpunk 2077 is a peaceful area? Erm, hands down and very hard to miss, Misty Olszewski's Esoterica is the absolute epitome of peaceful areas in that game.

raiden_18862d ago

The "last of us" deer location i found to be a welcoming respite. It was nice to not have someone trying to eat me.

RPGer62d ago

Kingdom Hearts tend to present half peaceful areas and most of them are amazing.

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Stop Forcing Multiplayer Into Single Player Games

TIM WHITE WRITES: "Multiplayer or single player? Developers, you can do both, just not willy-nilly."

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Flawlessmic175d ago

I am in absolute agreement with the OP 👌

shinoff2183175d ago

I hate when I see single player games and see people begging for multi-player. Jeez guys it don't need to be on every game. Latest one I seen was atomic heart.

-Foxtrot174d ago

Multiplayer or even co-op

If it was always a single player game then that's how it is