Watch_Dogs’ Trailer: It Could be PS4, but it Looks a Lot Better in 1080p, Not Ruined by Compression

The release of the new story trailer of Watch_Dogs has caused a lot of controversy within the gaming community, due to the fact that many simply feel that it doesn't look that good. Some initially thought it showcased the last generation version of the game, but from what we can gather, it definitely seems to be the PS4 version, even if Ubisoft seems to be covering the tracks.

One thing is for sure. Many have seen an extremely compressed version of the trailer, utterly ruined by YouTube. Watching lossless screenshots from a 1080p, very high quality of the trailer shows little details that might have been overlooked, leading many to misjudge the visual quality of the game.

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Sammy7772659d ago

Holy man, Ubisoft gives the terms "bullshots" and "B&S" whole new meanings. The game could be downgraded for parity's sake but if thats the case, then why showcase something not indicative of the final version

Abriael2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Oh it's doubtless that some elements seem to have been reduced, but it definitely doesn't look as bad as all the mouth foamers on NeoGaf say.

There are so many small details that it's hard to notice at first glance, especially if you watch the trailer on craptube.

rdgneoz32659d ago

Graphics wise, its still OK (definitely downgraded, and not as good as the E3 and PS4 demo). But what has everyone concerned is the touches that made the game feel next gen. One of the gifs on the page (neogaf) shows the subtle tree blowing in the wind as the character walks down the street. Another shows how an explosion effects the cars near it (bounce off the ground, hood opens). In the new trailer, the red car on the right isn't even affected by the nearby explosions till the chain reaction blows it up...

Hell, watch how lively the city looks in the first 2 videos, looks like a ghost town in the clips of the city from the new trailer (docks at the beginning shows 2 people anywhere and the one by the headphone billboard shows no one walking nearby).

So not only are the graphics gimped, all the touches that made it truly next gen are gone.

DanielGearSolid2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )


Since the original gameplay videos were on "craptube", isn't it an even comparison?

I guess the "small details" would be hard to notice, but that would go for the original gameplay vids too

Anyway when this game was revealed, its visuals wowed everybody...
The fact that most ppl (including you) initially assumed the latest vid was last gen footage says alot. So to call the neogaf users "mouth foamers" over a valid concern was pretty unnecessary and alittle hypocritical

Eonjay2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Um, those aren't small details. The difference in texture quality is insane. If this is a bait and switch... yeah thats par for the course from Ubisoft but everyone is hoping is hasn't been downgraded to make it more last gen friendly.

Edit: It doesn't look bad, it just doesn't look as good as the initial trailers and first PS4 demo. Without those reference points, no one should be complaining. Watch Dogs was the highest preordered PS4 game at one point before its delay. People says that trailer and thats what formed their expectations.

starchild2659d ago

Those of you saying it has been downgraded, please show actual screen captures from the old gameplay videos and the new video and point out SPECIFICALLY what has been downgraded. I still haven't seen any actual evidence.

Christopher2659d ago

Abriael, can you link to the 1080p video you found? The Japanese YouTube video you linked has a max res of 720p for download/view.

mcarsehat2659d ago

The initial demo at e3 as suppose to show what the game was expected to look like, not what it WAS DEFINITELY going to look like. It's a vertical slice, it happens with every game. It's not exactly colonial marines!

ABizzel12659d ago

I've been reading the watch dog complaints about graphics and haven't commented until now, but I'm not sure if the horrible gifs being used are the PS4 / current-gen versions since some of the clips actually look good, meanwhile some sections like the car driving over the bridge and the shootout inside the building look like an early gen open world PS3 racer, while the shootout looks like a PS2 game.

At the same time there is a car scene in the trailer where the police are chasing you, and it looks good, compared to the bridge scene, and one of the indoor shootouts where he's fighting the police officer looks solid.

The game has definitely received a significant downgrade from the original reveals, and I'm guess the original reveals are what you get running the game 4k @ Ultra settings on PC.

There is a bit of good new though. The game is scheduled for May 27th release date which gives them just over 2 months to get the game running and looking great on all platforms. Some PS3 games had a nice boost to their graphics with only 2 months to spare in development time, and hopefully Ubisoft does the same thing for the next-gen versions.

If I were Ubisoft I would be doing everything I can to try to improve the next-gen console versions with:
1. MUCH better lighting (tone down the daytime a bit, keep more dusk)
2. MUCH better car models
3. MORE crowd NPCs to fill the streets.night time), textures.
4. Better textures
5. Better indoor environments

The first 3 things can vastly improve the games graphics and can easily be implemented in the short amount of time. Car models might take the most time, but it's well worth it, rather then shipping the game if it looks like the PS2/PS3 hybrid.

This is acceptable

This is not, unless it's PS360

Patrick_pk442659d ago

You don't understand the situation here. It is unacceptable to advertise a product and downgrade that product near release. Ubisoft is the king of bullshots, here take a look at this:

thorstein2659d ago

The stupid here is that people are watching it on Youtube.

Hello people (not you Ab), Youtube compresses video! I can't believe how much "controversy" is happening over something that isn't even confirmed.

When did Ubisoft come out and say that PC and PS4 versions will be at less than 1080? Oh, they haven't? Wonder why that is.

What they did say was that the PS4 is comparable to the PC, meaning that the PS4 version is great looking.

I will judge it when I see it on my flatscreen LED while playing my PS4. But not off of a compressed youtube vid.

Giul_Xainx2658d ago

I am still going to buy the game regardless. It is on PS4 so I will buy it.

Kavorklestein2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

It doesn't matter the resolution of this vid maxing out at 720p... This vid STILL looks better than the English one we all saw in 1080p..
Just watch it.. you will see that folks were freaking out over a bad vid. Nothing really looks like it has changed. It stills looks gorgeous. At least according to this video in the article. Calm down next gen graphics whores.. Ubisoft is NOT as bad as you worry warts seem to think. EA isn't as bad as purists claim either....

mcarsehat2658d ago


guess what, it happens with every game. i'm sorry about that but it is a fact, the division will not look as good as e3 so don't get your hopes up.

think of the trailers and behind the scenes videos, all of the game footage is shown from the pc they are developed on.

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NYC_Gamer2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Ubisoft does have a history of building hype based on visuals that never make it into the final product..

Kavorklestein2658d ago

Never really seen that happen. If you mean PC footage being assumed footage for consoles, then that's YOUR fault for not being able to distinguish between what "may" be possible with PS4/XB1, and the "GOAL" for gfx that is being shown on a MAXED out PC. Ipersonally wouldn't cry about it, especially if you are satisfied with your console/pc as it is, don't let gameplay footage ruin your excitement, because maybe the footage is a a bad capture/upload.
Also, if a game is in Beta, or Alpha, LESS of the game has actually been completed than the final product, so if they are cramming more data into the game, it is understandable that the graphics may have to be scaled back accordingly.
Mofo's need to just chill.

morganfell2659d ago


Did you watch the actual video from which the gif is taken?

That piece in that gif does look bad. Part of it is the lighting due to the fact the bridge is flashing because it is a selectable hackable object.

That is also in the same video. A video I might add that seems to be cobbled together from different clips, and possibly different platforms.

Meltic2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

ASked ubitessa on twitter. She told me no we haven't downgraded the game. The gameplay was from a Xbox 360 footage.

Shakengandulf2659d ago

The gameplay footage showed that it was using a playstation controller.

Patrick_pk442659d ago

Never knew the 360 used Playstation controllers.

fermcr2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Please don't bring neogaf over here. Most of their users are whiny little bit**es... witch doesn't mean N4G doesn't have their share of whiny little bit**es.

As for me, Watch_Dogs will most likely be a day 1 purchase, on the PC. I hope Ubisoft doesn't screw up the PC version.

Eyeco2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I think Neogaf on occasion can harbour some of the most intelligent threads regarding gaming on the net.

But I mainly just go their for their for a quick laugh, the elitist b!tchy whiny post's never cease to amuse me.

seanpitt232659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Well if that was the ps4 version I wouldn't like to think what the last gen versions are like :/

Lior2659d ago

Actually all E3 footage was from the PC, even the ps4 demo was running on a similar spec pc not actual ps4 hardware

extermin8or2658d ago

no it wasn't it was confirmed that at E3 2013 it was running on the latest ps4 dev kit.

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Neonridr2659d ago

regardless if these screenshots look better than what was shown on Youtube, they are still bullshots taken from cinematics in-game which are not reflective of what the actual game will look like while playing.

Abriael2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

And you know that how? Seems all in engine to me, and some of the screens are from scenes that definitely look like gameplay.

Sammy7772659d ago

dude the comparison videos from past e3 and now are like days and night apart. No need to defend something which now looks like a ps3/x360 game

Abriael2659d ago

@Sammy777: sure mate. When my PS3 and Xbox 360 will be able to run games like that, I'll sell my PS4 and Xbox One.

I can always use the money.

Neonridr2659d ago

and some of the screens clearly are from cutscenes. I am not saying they don't look good, but I will reserve my final judgement until I see the end result.

thorstein2658d ago

Ahhh, sammy777, here for but 82 days and already down to two bubbles. Earlier today you were at 3!


OT: The comparisons are silly. I will judge this when I see it on my screen. It will look wonderful, of that I've no doubt. I just hope the gameplay is what it is hyped to be.

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Neonridr2659d ago

I never said they don't look good, but you think that that first picture is not from a cutscene?

Kurisu2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I think the game looks great. Nowhere near as good as something like inFamous or Ryse, but what did people expect, really? A game that's being developed for PS3, 360, PS4, Xbox One, PC AND Wii U (we'll see if that releases) will never live up to games that are developed exclusively on one console, or next gen only.

Mr-Dude2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )


I think most of the pictures are pre-renderd, but the point is that Youtube has crappy compression and doesn't do any game ANY good. Now that said, Ubisoft and most developers for that manner have the habbit to give BS screenshots where everything looks great but in fact is crappy.

This game is developed for the PS3 and 360 also, so maybe theres the problem.
So, for the time being I will wait and read the future articles, and reviews and go enjoy playing this game (already pre-orderd)

bobacdigital2659d ago

Does not look nearly as good as what was shown at E3... the stuff at E3 looked so good everyone seriously asked whether it was running on a PC with multiple video cards (which according to rumor it may have been).

Christopher2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Those last 3 actually aren't that good. Not much better than GTAV, IMHO.

First one is from a cut scene focusing on just him, so hard to compare.

BattleTorn2659d ago

Those shots look nothing like what has been demo'd at E3 and Sept2012

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MegaSackman2659d ago

I saw the previous videos on Youtube too...

curtis922659d ago

I'm confused... the game looks great. From trailers to gameplay videos. What's the fuss about?

vivid832659d ago

yeah you cant blame youtube seeing as the old videos were on youtube aswell