Amazon Deals : Next Gen Title Gets Reduced to $28 to Lowest Ever + More Specials

Amazon has a few specials for Friday. One game on the Xbox One gets reduced to lowest ever on Amazon. ACIV: Black Flag is $24.99 for PS3 and more deals at Amazon.

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Plate2662d ago

I have yet to play COD Ghosts, is it overrated or is it at least a decent game in comparison to past other COD titles? Tempting to pull the trigger

Applejack2662d ago

Don't do it, it is one of the worst COD titles to date and I'm not just saying that. I can't tell you what game I would recommend since I don't know what console(s) you own.

Games2042662d ago

Well comparing it to COD MW3 and Black ops 2 it's not as bad you just can't rush in this game and have to play a bit smarter

at the lowered price especially it's worth getting

anonjohn232662d ago

As someone who has never really been a fan of the COD series, I can tell you its a decent enough game. I only bought MW2 and BO2 to play with friends until we all moved onto the Battlefield series. I bought this at 39.99 and its been pretty fun to play. Sure, it still has all the network issues like any other COD game, but its not bad especially when you play with friends.

theshonen88992662d ago

CoD used to be pretty good before Activision ran it into the ground. If you're looking for a place to start then go with CoD4 or Black Ops. After that BO2 is pretty good but the rest are just meh IMO.

MrSwankSinatra2662d ago

save your money, it is really one of worst CoD's

ZombieDust2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I would say pass this one up. I have been playing CoD for a whil now, and have got them all including Ghosts. I have got to no less than 7th prestige on all of them til ghosts. Ive had ghosts since launch and I got to rank 15 (and thats with friends playing on my account) and cant bring myself to play it again. Although I did enjoy the short campaign while it lasted.

CJDUNCAN2662d ago

I agree, the campaign was actually better than the MP.

Agheil2662d ago

Honestly I would avoid listening to some people, apparently every COD released becomes the worst one yet. I've enjoyed my time with the game.

ZombieDust2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Well I always say make your own decisions. Just because I dont like something, doesnt mean you wont. But as a CoD I can say this is the only CoD I truely despised. Thats my opinion and it was asked for...

Wordzero2662d ago

To each their own, I suppose, but I liked Ghosts quite a bit better than Black Ops II. Still not a fan of the series though.

Livingon6002662d ago

This is a tough call but Ill give you that one.

rashada072662d ago

If you want a competitive shooter its good enough and I think extinction is a great game mode since its coop rather than competitive.. That said yes, this isn't my favorite COD but it is still COD- it live up to it's expectations and nothing more. If you can get it for cheap then great!

PsylentKiller2662d ago

It's decent but at $30 it's great. If spending the money on this is not going to interfere with purchasing other games then go for it. If it's either Ghosts or any other game, get he other game. I bought Ghosts for $60 and just recently picked up Plants vs. Zombies for $40. I'm having more fun with PvZ. Now when Titanfall drops everything else may just fall by the waste side but I believe that PvZ will still have a spot in my rotation whereas Ghosts may not.

Livingon6002662d ago

This game is not bad for $28. Is it the same as previous Call of Duty titles? Probably not but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get this game. Don't expect too much from the game but it should at least be of decent value.

Plate2662d ago

Keep it coming with the feedback! Some very good points have been made on both ends.

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Livingon6002662d ago

The 3D glasses for PS3 looks cool on one hand but afraid to get a headache from using it. Good reviews from what Ive searched though…..

Audiggity2662d ago

COD = Garbage. Don't do it.

They know they are hanging onto the edge of a cliff with Ghosts. If they don't reboot/revamp/revitalize the series with the next COD installment, let's all prepare to say "Goodbye" to COD.

The glory days of copy and paste have finally come to an end. Looks like some actual development may need to occur for the next title.

$28 is $23 too expensive (being generous).

InSpectre2662d ago

This "story" just links to a blog for an Amazon affiliate trying to make commissions.