Hideo Kojima to present Rockstar Games with BAFTA Fellowship

Hideo Kojima will present Rockstar Games with its BAFTA Fellowship.

The Metal Gear Solid series creator will give the Grand Theft Auto studio the accolade at the March 12 awards.

Kojima is also vice president of Konami Digital Entertainment and creator of Zone of the Enders, Snatcher and Boktai.

Rockstar will receive a BAFTA Fellowship in recognition of "outstanding and exceptional" contribution to games.

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Applejack2655d ago

I'm so happy that Tearaway is getting the recognition that it deserved to be nominated. It really is a unique game although pretty short.

shallowpoint2655d ago

Tearaway made me feel like a kid again! Such a great game.

WeAreLegion2655d ago

Agreed. What an incredible experience.

goldwyncq2655d ago

Agreed. It's the Vita's greatest masterpiece.

WeAreLegion2655d ago

Congrats, Rockstar. They ramped it up last gen. My only complaint was not enough Bully or Manhunt. They can only do so many games in seven years though, or else the content suffers. Thank you for maintaining quality. (Not including Midnight Club:LA)

calvincrack2655d ago

Kojima and Rockstar should share the BAFTA for Most Non-Entertaining Cutscenes

Agent_hitman2655d ago

That's pretty cool indeed. Imagine if Metal Gear Solid were distributed by Rockstar. You will see R's logo on MGS, it would be so great hahahah.