Stubbs the Zombie Developer 'Wideload Games' the Latest Victim of Disney Interactive Layoffs

Earlier today, Disney announced they were laying off 700 employees of video game subsidiary Disney Interactive. While it was thought that many of these would be those in marketing or the mobile/browser sectors, it seems like some old fashioned game developers are getting the boot as well. The latest victim? Wideload Games, who may be better known as the developer of cult classics Stubbs the Zombie and Guilty Party.

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ValKilmer1686d ago

Ugh, that stinks. I've been holding out hope all these years that'd we get a Stubbs 2 one day.

Umbasa1685d ago

I thought the man that started that company years ago worked w/ Bungie on the 1st Halo. What was his name? Anyways that sucks :(

DJ1685d ago

This is officially Developer Layoff Month.

WeAreLegion1685d ago

Darn. I hope they all find new jobs quickly. Stubbs is such a great game.

AnEwGuY1685d ago

How were they even still operating, when they haven't done anything for years??

ValKilmer1685d ago

They were doing mobile stuff for Disney lately. They did that Avengers game.